TFA Meringue Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


TFA Meringue Flavour Concentrate is made of delectable, edible white meringues and for those who want to create a sweet-tooth sensation in their e-liquid recipes.

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What is TFA Meringue Flavour Concentrate Flavouring, you ask? If the answer had to be distilled down into one word it would have to be Mmmmm. Yes, that’s right—MMM! With just the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness with a little tangy zing thrown in for good measure, this flavour concentrate will make your taste buds say oooohhhhs and ahhhhs like they were at their first dance recital (or fourth job interview). No need to go running off to mommy or daddy though because everything will only get better when you mix in some Watermelon by TPA.

How to make vape juice with the best TFA Meringue Flavour Concentrate in 2021?

TFA Meringue Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is a hands-down favourite among the vaping community. This salty-sweet flavouring adds an incredible depth of flavour to E-Liquids. Jet Funnel’s concentration design is perfect for those who want precise control over their final product. In addition, this particular concentrate can be used as both a standalone flavour or as a secondary coil/wick material which will undeniably provide unbelievably realistic flavours and aromas from your e juice. It’s perfect for any palette, but our San Diego locals would list it as their number one go-to!


A sweet, crisp melt in your mouth treat!

Ingredients: Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol, Water.

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