TFA Marshmallow Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


TFA Marshmallow Flavour Concentrate flavouring is a perfect addition to any cupcake, pie crust, or other desert-based vape recipes!

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TFA Marshmallow Flavour Concentrate is for fruit fanatics or those of you who have been looking forward to the taste buds’ appearance. It is a best-selling flavour that has a taste of smoke, which gives a sweet aroma to it. It’s made for complicated e-liquid recipes and also food recipes. A multipurpose product that can be used both inside and out, TFA Marshmallow Flavour Concentrate is too good not to try!

For those craving the sweet, fluffy taste of a warm, freshly baked marshmallow. This flavour will bring your sweet tooth alive with its yummy profiles you can enjoy in baking recipes, drinks or even as an e-liquid.
The TFA Marshmallow flavouring is made up of subtle smokey notes to create that atmosphere for an inviting feel and taste like no other.

TFA Marshmallow Flavour Concentrate for vapers, foodies and e-liquid makers!

Marshmallows are great when warmed up in the microwave, eaten out of the bag, or combined with other foods for a sweet treat. But why stop eating them? You can also drink them in this handy Concentrate flavouring! We’ve included all sorts of notes to make your marshmallow recipe complete – cough syrup note to mimic that pungent flavor found in traditional commercial marshmallow products; buttercream and oreo cookie notes for an indulgent blend; burnt sugar note for that caramelized taste.
just add it to your e-liquid mixer or foodie kitchen & start creating experiences. Mix it with juices, coffee grounds, soy sauce etc ……………..
Take your culinary skills up a level by creating savoury yet sweet

Add the flavour of roasted marshmallows in everything, from your morning coffee to dessert. TFA Marshmallow is made with top ingredients and backed by years of experience creating DIY e-liquids for all our customers in mind.

The homemade aroma will leave you feeling like you are enjoying yummy smores by the campfire or even relaxing on one of those convenient commercial hammocks! You’ll be able to enjoy calling up friends anytime for an invite over for them to try out this awesome multipurpose flavor when drizzled onto their favorite food items such as toast, ice cream, watermelon…you get the idea!
Water Soluble.

A light, sweet marshmallow – good for blending with other Flavours.

*** Note: This Flavour contains ‘custard’ ingredients: Acetoin & Acetylpropionyl

Ingredients:Natural Flavour, Propylene Glycol, Water.

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