Honeycomb Latte – Drip Hacks Concentrate


Honeycomb Latte Drip Hacks Concentrate e-liquid is best for vape use. This is a Multipurpose product as it can be used for aromas and flavouring food recipes or e-liquid recipes.

Honeycomb Latte Drip Hacks Concentrate is for honey’s you’ll want a bigger cup. Honeycomb Latte Drip Hacks concentrate is best for vaping and can be used to create many different kinds of recipes. You can add it as an ingredient, or make work your own concoction with flavours, tinctures, and other extracts. For those of us who like more sweet flavours this really adds flavour!
Don’t forget about the food recipes: Whether you’re looking for something to top off your pancakes or ice cream sundae; our Honeycomb concentrate has got your back (and lips). And if you’re into baking- whether it’s pies or cinnamon buns-then this could be exactly what you’ve been

Best Vape Juice flavour for Honeycomb Latte Drip Hacks Concentrate

This is a honeycomb latte flavour concentrate for vaping. It is considered to be a multipurpose form, as it can also serve as either an e-liquid or food base ingredient. Honeycomb lattes are popular and have that delicious caramel taste you’ll love!

Use this flavour for your favorite e-liquids, food recipes, and more. This honeycomb latte flavor will make any dish or drink taste delicious!
Taste the best vape with this concentrate and bring all of the rich flavours to life in every puff without risk of combustion. The most popular way to use it is as a base ingredient in custom recipes as well as creating tobacco liquids or fruity drinks that will suit even picky tastes. Plus, our concentrated liquid comes with a 25% PG content which you might want while vaping on your modulators or high wattage devices. Start making your own amazing concoctions today!

Honeycomb Latte – Drip Hacks Concentrate *CONTAINS NO NICOTINE*

One of our Christmas flavours you decided to bring back! A deliciously sweet honeycomb latte with caramel tones.

Flavour Profile:- Honeycomb latte, caramel.


  • 6-week Steeping period.
  • Doesn’t contain WS-23 or Menthol.
  • Mix at 20%.
  • Sweet


Honeycomb Latte – Drip Hacks Concentrate

Drip Hacks was founded on the ambition to supply the market with the highest quality yet affordable products. Launched in 2015, we built ourselves a reputation for exactly this, and continue to strive for excellence. It is our mission to provide users with the best vaping experience possible, ensuring our product range is adapted and improved whenever possible.  It is with this ambition that Drip Hacks are able to provide some of the best DIY  E-Liquid Concentrate products around.

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