Sparkout – Drip Hacks Concentrate


This is the perfect vape juice for you! This particular flavor includes our mix of potent and rich Vimto style blends.

Sparkout Concentrate has been created to be enjoyed by people who like a milky, sweet taste. It’s ideal for e-liquids and as an ingredient in many recipes including ice cream, cupcakes or creams etc. It can also be used as a base for DIY beverages such as soups or sauces! Add water and it transforms into healthy vegetable juices too. This vape juice is perfect for all your vaping needs whether you’re at home needing something fruity flavored.

Sparkout – Drip Hacks Concentrate

Sparkout Drip Hacks Concentrate is a multipurpose product that can be used to make juices, desserts, soya sauce and other cooking ingredients. It has an aromatic flavour of Vimto style blend that gives a subtlety of strawberry syrup for food recipes and juice on top. It also provides the necessary flavour for vape juices. This concentrate is best when it comes with juices or e-liquids as this content becomes dense in taste which was mixed after fermentation from black currant extract.

Sparkout is an American made e-liquid that falls in the middle of a variety of qualities. It tastes like Vimto, and there are no preservatives in its ingredients. So you can enjoy it knowing what flavor will come out every single time. The concentrate vape juice was created to cover a wide range of purposes from flavours for multipurpose cooking, to aroma smoke, and food recipes that require flavour/concentrate or various quantities so as soon as you open our resealable vial you’ll have your choice ready!

Sparkout – Drip Hacks Concentrate*CONTAINS NO NICOTINE*

If you’re looking for a Vimto E Liquid flavour then you have come to the right place! A delicious Vimto fruit blend which creates a flavoursome flavour that has become a favourite with Drip Hacks. Enjoying a Vimto Vape Juice is something you have to try!

Flavour Profile:- Vimto style blend


  • 7-day steep
  • Doesn’t contain WS-23 or Menthol
  • Mix at 20%
  • Relatively sweet


Sparkout – Drip Hacks Concentrate

Drip Hacks founded on the ambition to supply the market with the highest quality yet affordable products. Launched in 2015, we built ourselves a reputation for exactly this, and continue to strive for excellence.

It is our mission to provide users with the best vaping experience possible, ensuring our product range is adapted and improved whenever possible.  It is with this ambition that Drip Hacks are able to provide some of the best DIY E-Liquid Concentrate products around.

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