Purple Slush – Drip Hacks Concentrate

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This Purple Slush by Drip Hacks is one of the best flavoured concentrates we have tried, hands down! The taste is just spot on and has a wonderful flavour

Purple Slush- Drip Hacks Concentrate is a multipurpose liquid that attaches to the flavor of your choice. Looking for something sweet, juicy, and tasty? Sit back and let Purple Slush take you away with its many delightful flavors. This potent mixture comes in ten different flavors. Get your nicotine fix or relax with some fruit flavours today! For those looking to enhance their vaping experience, we also offer Pink Slush which simulates an e-juice onto the inside wall of the dropper top bottle for easy dripping without any mess!

Purple Slush by Drip Hacks is the best grape flavour I have ever tasted.

Drip Hacks offers a Drip Concentrate that is Purple. This E-liquid flavour’s aroma has a Black Grape Slush taste and is best for use with vape juices, multipurpose tastes and names, and food recipes. The flavour profile of this concentrate is juicy black grape slush.

Anyone craving that smooth summertime slushy will be able to get their fix when they drop in on this fluid from the market leader for concentrates: Drip Hacks! If you’re looking to make some sweet treats or just want your vaporizer set up with something different, then go ahead and try out purple slush flavored concentrate! Come pick it up while supplies last–no worries about messy spills because this ain’t no flavored

For the freedom-loving individual, this is a savory slush made with purple grapes. For everyone else, this affordable vape juice is for makin’ all your treats. Drip Hacks Concentrate – Purple Slush will add just the right amount of grape flavor to any recipe that needs a little more sweetness. Great for iced tea and coffee too!
Warning: The aroma of Drip Hacks Concentrates is strong so be careful when cooking with these extracts in open containers to avoid spilling them unintentionally.”

Purple-Slush – Drip Hacks Concentrate *CONTAINS NO NICOTINE*

A delicious, smooth black grape slush with a sweet blackberry flavour. Why not try it today?

Flavour Profile:- Black grape slush


7-day Steeping period

  • Doesn’t contain WS-23 or Menthol
  • Moderately sweet
  • Mix at 20%


Purple-Slush – Drip Hacks Concentrate- Drip Hacks was founded on the ambition to supply the market with the highest quality yet affordable products. Launched in 2015, we built ourselves a reputation for exactly this, and continue to strive for excellence. It is our mission to provide users with the best vaping experience possible, ensuring our product range is adapted and improved whenever possible.  It is with this ambition that Drip Hacks are able to provide some of the best DIY  E-Liquid Concentrate products around.

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Weight 0.05 kg
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10ml, 30ml

2 reviews for Purple Slush – Drip Hacks Concentrate

  1. Ginger-Gareth (verified owner)

    A lovely one shot E-Liquid concentrate, Full on Grape soda style flavour. Very fruity and refreshing.

  2. Andy_Ulster (verified owner)

    Nice flavour, works brilliant at 80/20 – 20% flavour. was ok as a shake n vape, but got better after a few days. would buy again.

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