Capella SilverLine Meringue


This is a new Capella flavor that provides a delicious experience for anyone using it. It’s as multipurpose as they come with Silverline meringue being perfect in any dish you’ve got cooking at home.

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Capella SilverLine Meringue is a versatile e-juice that can be used as food recipes and for smoking or vaping. This multipurpose liquid will bring out the best flavors in any dish with its sweet concoction of sugar, lemon peel, and vanilla bean. Come vape it up!

Multipurpose Capella SilverLine Meringue E Juice Flavor Concentrate.

If you love Capella SilverLine Meringue Vape Juices, aroma, and flavor west, multipurpose IT’S TIME TO GO EASY ON YOUR SMOKE! Forget about the nicotine buzz; a new phenomenon is here to take your breath away. Here at Capella SilverLine Meringue Flavor Labs, we understand how hard it can be to stop smoking while enjoying the taste of a good cigarette. That’s why we have come up with this revolutionary product for those who want better-tasting tobacco without all of the smoke. The only thing giving off any smoke from these products is YOU when you’re taking down your first vape puff in the celebration that it’s finally over!

Go ahead, be pretty. Capella SilverLine Meringue is the answer to all your troubles; this e- juice is perfect for those times when you’re craving something sweet and delicate. This flavor is designed specially to taste like freshly baked meringues- silky smooth with a subtle hit of cream. We can’t recommend it enough!
Packed full of flavor
Sure, we make plenty of delicious flavors but every once in a while there’s nothing better than relaxing with a floppy cap floppy at bedtime with an indulgent flavor like Capella SilverLine Meringue on the tongue. If you live for guiltless desserts (au naturel or otherwise), then don’t hesitate any longer – give this decadent candy flavor some love


Light and fluffy with the perfect mix of egg and sugar, this is a combination of the soft fluffy meringue on a pie and the airy crunch of a meringue cookie.

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