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Capella Licorice – Euro Series is a multisensory experience combining your favorite aromatic vape liquids with food recipes and aroma for a one-of-a-kind sensory journey that will leave you feeling content.
And don’t forget, Capella Liquids come in multipurpose options to fit all your needs!

Capella Licorice – Euro Series for Multipurpose

Capella creates this Euro series Licorice dry leaf from the most aromatic Dutch licorice, enriched with exotic French tonka beans and balsamic cloves which fragrance your surroundings. It’s potent enough to be mixed at any amount for both mouth-watering vape liquids or used as a raw ingredient in food recipes and desserts… Want to mix some into your favorite iced beverage? Capella has you covered there too!
Heavy hitters like these flavorings are often reserved for tobacco e-liquids or dessert confections but their versatility is secretly what makes them so popular. You can get creative when it comes time to big on creating custom mixes because if you need something that tastes good, whether acidic, savory, intense,

About Capella Flavours

All the flavour lineup from Capella Flavours comes along with no fat, preservatives and calories. Capella Flavour is food grade highly concentrated, deeply aromatic and free of any stabilizers providing you the all natural flavours that are water soluble and can be used as multi-purpose flavouring.
Note :They DO NOT contain Diacetyl, artificial sweeteners, sugars, sweet’n’low, Splenda, saccharine, aspartame, caffeine or sodium & are corn, gluten and peanut derivative free.
It is the user’s responsibility to complete their own research to determine safe uses .
By purchasing Capella Maple (Pancake) Syrup Flavour Concentrate the user accepts all liability for any loss, injury, damage or expense resulting from use of this product.
All Capella Falours Are 100% PG Based


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