Capella Apricot Flavour Concentrate


Capella Apricot Flavour Concentrate have a clear apricot flavour and is best to add to your vape juices or create your own favourite vape liquids using their e-cigarette flavours.

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Capella apricot flavour concentrate gives you a delicious and sweetish taste of fresh and juicy Apricots.
Capella apricot flavour concentrate provides you with the rich sweet taste of fresh and juicy Apricots and feels like you are biting into an apricot. It’s made to give you the pleasure of the words juiciest and sweetest apricots in a multipurpose solution available in different sizes ranging from 10ml to 500ml. This concentrate is the best for your vapes that enlighten your lips with the best flavour and nose with the aroma of heavenly fresh apricots. This awesome flavour is made of all natural flavours, a little bit of  Propylene Glycol and some real fresh Water which gives the flavour perfect concentration and viscosity for your recipe

Use of Capella Apricot Flavour Concentrate

This concentrate is mild in flavour and can be used as a  perfect standalone to get the flavour of the juicy goodness of an Apricot or you can mix it in a ratio of 20-30% with other recipes to get the best aroma that you deserve. You can try the apricot flavour with all a DIY recipe to get the best taste from it is best when used with almond or cheesecake flavours

About Capella Flavours 

All the flavour lineup from Capella Flavours comes along with no fat, preservatives and calories. These are food grade highly concentrated, deeply aromatic and free of any stabilizers providing you with the all natural flavours that are water soluble and can be used as multi-purpose flavouring.
Note :They DO NOT contain Diacetyl, artificial sweeteners, sugars, sweet’n’low, splenda, saccharine, aspartame, caffeine or sodium & are corn, gluten and peanut derivative free.
It is the user’s responsibility to complete their own research to determine safe uses. By purchasing this product, the user accepts all liability for any loss, injury, damage or expense resulting from the use of this product.

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  1. Justin

    I use this Apricot in so many of my recipes. Its a great flavour that gives a real apricot jam feel to any liquid. very nice with creamy yogurt type flavours.

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