TFA Spearmint concentrate Flavouring


TFA Spearmint Concentrate is an absolutely delightful flavour to make your juices, blends, and e-liquid recipes the freshest on the market.

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Mixing a fresh spearmint oil with natural menthol, TFA Spearmint concentrate Enhances any e-liquid recipe. It’s the only clear option when it comes to naturally flavouring your vape flavor or adding a subtle hint of flavour in certain recipes. The deep coolness and cooling sensation provides relief for vapers who want something different from fruity or dessert flavours. Use this product in everything from baked goods to cocktails

The idea behind TFA Spearmint concentrate flavouring is to be flexible, easy going and adaptable. It’s a flavour that can be used in a wide variety of recipes—from vaping to cooking. Add it to your favourite e-liquid recipe or try one of our delicious food recipes with this unique spearmint extract.

TFA Spearmint concentrated flavoring for e-Juice

The TFA Spearmint concentrates are divine, yet spicy. It’s a delightful fusion of spearmint with the spiciness of peppermint extract for an arresting aroma that complements food or vape juice recipes. For those looking for multipurpose flavouring use,

The Spearmint concentrate flavouring comes in a variety of uses and is versatile for both vaping and cooking. For those who love the scent of spearmint: this is the concentrate to use! It has a light, refreshing flavour that can be used on its own or as part of any recipe. Whether you want your cookies to taste like springtime or if you’re looking to come up with some new vape juices: TFA Spearmint is an essential ingredient.

Water Soluble.

A tropical blend of delicious juices.

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial flavors, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol.

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