TFA HoneyDew II concentrate Flavouring

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TFA HoneyDew II concentrate Flavouring that concentrates the taste to bring out the natural essence of its honeydew profile. Usable in many different kinds of recipes, be it vape juices, aroma concentrates, smoke machines, e-liquids or for cooking food.

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TFA HoneyDew II concentrate flavouring is the perfect multipurpose to use in your vape juices, aroma for smoke, e-liquid recipes, and food recipes. It has an irresistible honeydew taste with a subtle mix of melon that will leave you wondering why you never used generic flavours before.

TFA HoneyDew II concentrate Flavouring is an aroma of fresh and sweet honeydews with a mellow finish. It can be used in all different types of recipes, from vape juices to food recipes. This multipurpose product is great for anyone who has a love of TFA’s HoneyDew II and wants it in every recipe they make!

Use TFA HoneyDew II concentrate in e-liquids, food recipes, or even vape juices!

TFA HoneyDew II concentrate is the perfect combination of sweet, tart, and refreshing. This versatile flavour provides the perfect balance of contrast when mixed with other fruity flavours that might be considered overly aggressive or cloying by themselves. The smooth floral notes can also mix well with citrusy vape juices for a light sweetness that’s reminiscent of desert night breezes. Whether you’re looking for your next favourite flavour or just want to create something new, keeping this sweet treat on hand will be an easy way to satisfy your taste buds quickly.

TFA HoneyDew II concentrate Flavouring is a multipurpose flavouring of high quality. The flavours are made with real fruit and contain no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. These unique flavours capture the aroma and taste, guaranteeing all-day flavour and enjoyment for those seeking a realistic experience.
Aroma: An authentic blend of apple and honeydew melon flavors create one incredible aroma that will delight your senses as well as intrigue your taste buds.
Smoke: Subtle smokey notes that go great in vape juice recipes as well as e-juice recipes such as dessert flavors, savory food recipes – just about anything but tea!

Water Soluble.

A more affordable reformulation of Honeydew Flavor!

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial flavors, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol.

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2 reviews for TFA HoneyDew II concentrate Flavouring

  1. Pete (verified owner)

    Great on its own at 10%, juicy refreshing sweet melon flavour.

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    Good quality, tastes as you would expect.

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