Sweetwater Grape & White Peach Nicotine Salts


With a flavor profile of Sweetwater Grape and White Peach, this vape juice tastes crisp yet cool. A strong fruity note balances out the throat unlike most e-juices with nicotine salts, Sweetwater’s fruit flavors are all perfectly derived–giving you no reason not to indulge in something delicious!

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Sun-Kissed Grapes are fresh from the vine, perfectly balanced with White Peach for a delicate sweet fruit sensation. Welcome to Prickly Pear Vapes. For the Sweetwater Grape & White Peach Nicotine Salts lover, we’ll match you up with some like-minded vapers when vaping with friends! Nicotine salts are an alternative for users looking to satisfy their oral fixation without having to smoke cigarettes. Nicotine Salts are excellent substitutes for tobacco; its easier on the throat and are not as harsh or constricting when inhaled or exhaled.


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