Rhubarb Raspberry & Orange blossom Nicotine Salts

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Smoke your favorite food flavors without the smoke profile. With Rhubarb Raspberry & Orange Blossom Nicotine Salts, you can indulge in the taste of hot sauce without sacrificing your health or sense of smell.

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Rhubarb Raspberry & Orange blossom Nicotine Salts is Tart Rhubarb layered with sweet raspberry, delicately finished with the floral notes of Orange Blossom

It’s time to recharge your nicotine craving, with the Rhubarb Raspberry and Orange blossom Nicotine Salts. You’ll be able to satisfy that desire for intensity by using this flavorful vape juice on your favorite mod.
The flavor is described as being a locally cultivated rhubarb combined with raspberries and orange blossoms, providing an amazing floral undertone. It can also easily sub in any recipe you’d use regular sugar for because of its perfect sweetener qualities!

Rhubarb, raspberry, and orange blossom are flavors that teens feel the most nostalgic about. Rhubarb raspberry is a great flavor for someone looking to stay away from smoking cigarettes since it contains no nicotine. It also works well as an alternative to chowing down on sweets at night before bedtime with its fruity taste of rhubarb and raspberry combined with waves of tart acidity. Orange blossom has a velvety smoothness that combines the crispy notes of lime zest, sweet tropical fruits like pineapple or mango, along with hints of vanilla bean. All together this irresistible e-liquid offers rich fruit flavors without an overpowering sweetness due to the delightful hint of citrus acidity. 

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  1. Mary (verified owner)

    Blissful. A true delight. A beautiful rhubarb flavour with a delicate orange twist. 5*

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