TFA Sweet Cereal Concentrate Flavouring


TFA Sweet Cereal Concentrate Flavouring it’s simple – all you need is some Vape Juicing E Juice Base TO balance out with some water (use more if desired for sweeter tasting vape juices) and let dry off.

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Easily add the delicious taste of a Breakfast Cereal to your vape liquid, e-liquid recipe, food recipes, and more.
TFA Sweet Cereal Concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice is a collection of unique childhood memories made into exciting flavor profiles perfect for any type of DIY nicotine base. Whether you’re making a fruit punch recipe or looking for something fruity with just enough tangy notes to have all the kids drooling over your homemade slushies this summer––you’re going to love these different tooks on easy yet complex breakfast cereal without worrying about it having that sticky marshmallow mouthfeel left behind from other brands.

How to make a great tasting with TFA Sweet Cereal Concentrate Flavouring

TFA Sweet Cereal Concentrate Flavouring is a mouth-watering option with the taste of crisp crunchy cereal with just the slightest hint of milk. Too simple? Try it in an apple pie vape juice, layered under vanilla for a deep and sweet treat. If you’d like to take your dessert experience one step further, this flavour will bring back memories of childhood snacks and s’mores with its syrupy cinnamon brown sugar oat clusters and rich chocolate malt ball center. This multipurpose concentrate can also be used as a marshmallow flavor in tiramisu or even on top of ice cream!

Proudly developed in the UK, this product is an all-natural flavouring that can be added to any e-juice! With both fruity and sweet flavours you could say it’s like having breakfast cereal. You combined milk with one of these natural flavourings and voila you’ve got yourself some yummy juice. Make your vape taste like cinnamon buttered toast…or raspberry pecan pie…the possibilities are endless (and don’t worry only gluten-free)!

A sugary corn flake cereal. Sweet and tasty just like the real deal!

These concentrates can generally be used from around 10-15% in the making of your liquids, but each favour has a different intensity, whereas some may need a touch more… some may need a touch or so less. The Flavour Apprentice (TFA) concentrates are food safe and they can also be used for baking, candys, sodas, or any other edible application.

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