TFA Sweet and Tart Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


Whether you’re a connoisseur and flavour-obsessed mixer, or looking to make some delicious e-liquid recipes for friends and family – TFA Sweet and Tart Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is the aromatic flavoring that will keep every nose satisfied.

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Introducing TFA Sweet and Tart Flavour Concentrate Flavouring, the latest innovation in vape juices. The market is flooded with E-liquid brands trying to get your money, but what sets this gig apart? That’s right! Quality ingredients are at the heart of this recipe! Authentic sour flavour combined with sweet lemon will have you hooked on day one. Whether you’re vaping or cooking, work it into any recipe that needs that signature citrus vibe without oversaturating the taste buds. Surprise your friends when they come over for dinner

TFA Sweet and Tart Flavouring for E Juice Recipes or Food Recipes

Come taste the sweet and tart flavour of TFA Sweet and Tart Flavour Concentrate Flavouring today! This versatile flavouring is perfect for recipes like vape e-liquids or homemade dishes. Keep this new, organic flavour in your pantry to make desserts that are succulent, light, yet satisfying with every bite. Share the flavour by using it as a new ingredient in one of our many recipes like “Apple Pie E-Liquid” (recipe). It’s also great to use on pork chops crisped up just right on the grill for that added layer of sweetness. So come on down or order online now for some fresh flavours you’ve got to try!

Have you found that “regular” fruit flavouring just isn’t doing it for you? Looking for a tasty and fruity flavour that reminds you of your favourite jams and jellies but with a little bit of extra tartness to counteract the sweetness? Then TFA Sweet and Tart Flavour Concentrate Flavouring are just what you’ve been looking for! With versatile use as either added flavour or as a secondary additive, this will be your go-to. Whether mixed with other flavours or used solo, this concentrated flavouring can take your vape juices from boring to incredible.

Water soluble.

This is a strong Flavour that was designed to taste exactly like the candy.

Ingredients: Artificial Flavour, Propylene Glycol, Water.

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