Strawberry Mivvi Ice Lollies E-Liquid

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The Alchemist loved the Strawberry Mivvi Lollies as a child, so he set out to try and recreate that taste experience, along the way he thought…. lets improve on a good thing and extended the flavour range to include:- Strawberry

The result is a mix of smooth IceCream and a sweet flavoured shell, with the added “Ice Lolly” cold effect.

Ideal for a warm summers day, when you fancy something cool…

This 50PG/50VG E-Liquid that will give a good thick vapor production and leave a nice cool flavour in the mouth.

To get the best from this liquid needs time to develop, put it away to steep for at least 5 days to let the cooling agent do it’s job and blend with the flavours to get the best result from it.


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9 reviews for Strawberry Mivvi Ice Lollies E-Liquid

  1. Nicola Charalambou

    It is beautiful. could easily be a daily vape.

  2. Keith

    Wow! One of the best tasting juices I’ve tried. Like dessert in a vape. Yummy!

  3. Dave

    Almost spot on! There’s a little too much menthol ‘coolness’ for me which distracts from the strawberry. But I guess that’s what makes it an ice lolly flavour 🙂 Lovely stuff though, will defo buy again, once I’ve tried all the others 🙂

  4. Vicky Vaper

    The Alchemist is by far the best e – juice creator partnered with prompt and professional customer service. .It is The Only make I use!???

  5. Jason

    Wow, this has some bang! Masses of vape rich deep clean orange tang and a subtle creamy after taste. This is a perfect all day vape

  6. Pete

    Lovely and refreshing. I???ve found this is nicest in the mornings. A pleasing fruity taste of blackcurrant with a sweet twist of vanilla icecream and a slight menthol cooling effect. It???s fairly subtle and I???d prefer it slightly stronger but it???s very good as per usual and tastes just like the real thing. Not sickly sweet which is good. A great addition to anyone???s e-liquid collection.

  7. LloydHC

    As per the title, I order 3 mivvi bottles, grape, orange and strawberry. I couldn’t resist trying them as soon as I got them, and while they were delicious, they had a slight sour taste (like sour sweets) – especially the grape. I actually liked them at this point, but decided to steep for a few days as per AC’s instructions. After leaving for the best part of a week and trying again, all of the sourness had gone, and I may as well be eating one of the classic lollies as far as taste goes. They are all powerful fruit-lolly flavours, with a lovely creamy undertone. Also, I don’t know what (if anything) is different about these mivvi batches but the vapour production is insane! Taste lingers pleasantly after vaping. Really nice flavours, all of them equally nice really, but the grape one is a personal favourite of mine.

  8. J. Samuel

    Brilliant juice, the smell is quite strong in a nice way. Lots of vape, menthol throat hit for the icecream mixed with a fair amount of raspberry flavour. Could easily vape this all day. First purchase from the Alchemists Cupboard.

  9. Andy

    I’m enjoying the Orange Mivvy, there is something intriguing about its flavours. The coolness brings everything together really nicely, although, as the comment below it does take over the flavour a little and I would like just a tiny bit more Orange flavour. Don’t let this put you off though, its a lovely refreshing vape that will keep you interested enough to refill your tank again. Personally I liked this best after 3/4 days of steeping. Good enough for me to be looking to try a couple more of the Mivvy flavours.

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