TFA Ripe Banana Flavour ** Concentrate Flavouring


This is a great introduction into the world of concentrates and if you loved our Ripe Strawberry Flavour Concentrate, then I’m sure you’ll love this one too

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TFA Ripe Banana Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is perfect for making anything banana, sweet and fresh. Tastes just like ripe bananas with hints of an unripe tropical taste.
This product is extremely versatile in use, so you could add it to cake recipes, desserts or even cocktails if desired! A great substitute if you want the flavour but not the calories.
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TFA Ripe Banana Flavour ** Concentrate Flavouring for Vape Juice

Ripe banana concentrate for enthusiasts of DIY vape juice recipes. Exciting e-liquid flavours made with this concentrated flavouring will leave your mouth watering. It’s perfect for making food recipes or experimenting with other aromatic applications. Mouthwatering ripe banana flavour created by flavour professionals at The Flavor Apprentice company, TFA Ripe Banana Flavour ** Concentrate Flavouring lives up to the expectations of all enthusiasts who want the smell and taste of a nutritious ripe banana. With 10% PG content, it is ideal for incorporation into any big or small mixed drinks to get that fresh peel scent!

Banana lovers rejoice! With ripe banana flavour concentrate made to perfection by the experts at The Flavor Apprentice, you can make better tasting vape juice at home. This concentrated flavouring is perfect for adding that tropical tangy aroma your tobacco-based e-juices are lacking or enhancing whatever flavorful dessert recipes you have in mind without all the time and commitment of dealing with chunky blocks of banana.

*Note: this Flavour might be hard on certain soft plastics.

Ingredients: Natural and Artifical Flavours, Ethyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Water.

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