Riot Squad – Strawberry Watercannon Concentrate

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The Riot Squad – Strawberry Watercannon Concentrate flavor changes that game by offering a delicious strawberry taste that every vaper will love! This e-juice provides a rich and smooth fruity vape experience that seems like strawberries, plus more!

Percentage: 20%
Steep Time: 1-3 days
Volume: 30ml
Final Volume (e-Liquid): 150ml

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The Strawberry Watercannon Concentrate from Riot Squad is a sweet, fruity vape juice with a mixed berry flavor. The not-so-secret ingredient to this e-juice’s kick is the concentrated flavor of fresh strawberries that have been boiled down into a candy syrup! And while you’re blowing out clouds from that mouthpiece, be warned: there’s water inside.

Add some Riot Squad to your arsenal. If you’re planning on cutting loose and having a good time, then we’ve got just the thing for you with our riot squad e-juices. We can’t guarantee that these are for everyone, but if that’s what you’re looking for then look no further! These are not meant to be used as healthy alternatives or all day vapes – they’re made for fun times only! Use responsibly.

Percentage: 20%
Steep Time: 1-3 days
Volume: 30ml
Final Volume (e-Liquid): 150ml

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11 reviews for Riot Squad – Strawberry Watercannon Concentrate

  1. Keith Franklin

    Very nice flavour. Good balance of Strawberry & watermelon. Rather sweet but i like that.

  2. andy

    This is the best strawberry watermelon I’ve tasted!!!! Really is. Been buying American juices which you can’t knock but now I’m only buying this and making my own.

  3. Mark

    Solid classic combination of Strawberry & watermelon. Good flavour when mixed at 20% and ready to vape straight away. All good stuff!

  4. Joe

    Agree with previous comment in relation to mixing at 20% over 15%. 15% left it a bit short of flavour whereas 20% it was good to vape right away with amazing flavour from the get go. 5*

  5. Bazza

    One of my favorites, Very refreshing Strawberry and Watermelon flavour. Easy all day vape for me!

  6. Phil

    Very flavoursome when mixed at 20%, no stepping required and a great sweet but fruity strawberry watermelon flavour 5*

  7. Trina

    The best of the bunch, tried 4 and all were OK, but really enjoyed this one. Would buy this one again in the future.

  8. Jamie

    Really enjoyed this vape, mixed at 15%, left for a week and the flavour was good from the start. It is rather sweet but i like that aspect and it rounds the strawberry and watermelon together very well. Definitely a juice i will buy again and again.

  9. Antony

    Lovely sweet strawberry and watermelon flavour. No steep required and lots of flavour when mixed at 15%.

  10. Samantha

    Enjoyed every drop of this and back for more. Beautifully sweet mix of strawberry and watermelon. 5*

  11. Oliver

    Cant get enough of this flavour. Really good quality strawberry and watermelon flavour.

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