Riot Squad – Fifty Cal Custard Concentrate


Containing the heavy flavors of custard, cream, and maple syrup blended in an intensely sweet base of graham crust with fifty calories per milliliter, this zero-nicotine vape juice will satisfy your long-held cravings for dessert without risking any weight or health consequences.

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With so many options out there, how do you separate the good from the bad? Often times we just go with what we’ve heard, and all of those say something different. Have no fear! I am here to help you find exactly what will fit your unique needs. You’re going to love my suggestion- Fifty Cal Custard Concentrate by Riot Squad. This flavor is perfect for everyone! Be it an old pro or a newbie, this flavor has something for everyone. With hints of vanilla custard that are baked into fluffy buttery biscuits until they are golden brown on top, rich caramelized sugar begins to fill the air making your senses tingle with delight as each time brings more anticipation than want letting

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4 reviews for Riot Squad – Fifty Cal Custard Concentrate

  1. Brian

    Good flavour.

  2. Mr O’connor

    Very nice creamy custard that is smooth and complimented well by the fruity tones that also come from this flavour. A bit like Jelly & Custard.

  3. Eddie

    Tried this brand for the first time.. very satisfied! Nice sweet creamy custard style flavour with fruity notes.

  4. Jamo

    A little on the sweet side but very nice all the same. 4*

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