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A superb star among fruit concentrates, TFA Pineapple Concentrate is an excellent choice for enhanced citrus fruits flavors in your vape juices, eliquids, and e-cigar recipes.

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Finally, there’s a product that can take your vape juices and foods to the next level with one simple upgrade. The TFA Pineapple Concentrate Flavour is perfect for those who want their recipes to pop with flavour and aroma like never before. Add this delicious fruity favour into your e-juice or food recipe and you’ll see what we mean! You can’t go wrong mixing this juice base with any fruit – from strawberries, oranges, bananas, apples to blueberries! It will be as if you mixed fresh pineapple right in!
Another winning aspect of this product is its versatility. In addition to being tasty as a standalone flavoring for cooking and vaping, it also plays well with others – favouring sweet flavours such as vanilla

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A new addition to the TFA Pineapple Concentrate flavouring family. Sit back and enjoy your fruits of labour with ease – all natural, hand-crafted flavours designed for vaping, cooking and flavour creations alike. With a more nuanced approach this time around by cramming together small batches into one larger one; it’s like enjoying single fruit juices in bulk!
Specifically crafted to be used in any e-liquid recipes: i.e vape juice flavors/mixes, whipped milk or cream cheese dessert(s), delicious deserts or wholesome breakfast foods.
Create some knockout food flavor combinations with confidence: try adding vanilla extract and powdered sugar on banana slices for fresh banana splits at home catered towards adventurous taste buds without the hassle of breaking


Water soluble.

A very natural pineapple flavor – not like canned pineapple.

This flavor can vary in color.

** This is a very strong flavor. For costumers using plastic-based equipment with this flavor, please note that we have heard reports of this flavor causing damage to some kinds of plastics. Exercise caution and start with lower concentrations if using plastic.

Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavors, Propylene Glycol.

The Alchemists Cupboard are a UK distributor of The Flavour Apprentice (TFA) Concentrates made in the USA.

TFA is a division of the famous The Perfumer Apprentice (TPA) company, which since 2004 have produced various ranges of flavour concentrates for use in multiple industry’s for a multitude of uses. This brand (TFA) has gained a lot of trust and admiration among vapers and DIY enthusiasts alike, all around the world.

These concentrates can generally be used from around 10-15% in the making of your liquids, but each favour has a different intensity, whereas some may need a touch more… some may need a touch or so less. The Flavour Apprentice (TFA) concentrates are food safe and they can also be used for baking, candys, sodas, or any other edible application.

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  1. Paul H (verified owner)

    On its own it is disgusting, to me, it tastes like sick. But, in very small proportions, alongside other tropical flavours such as mango, passion-fruit etc – it can be useful and bring a nice pineapple undertone to the mix you are making.

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