TFA Pear Candy Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


In a rush to create some sweet vape liquid? We have the perfect solution featuring our TFA Pear Candy Flavour Concentrate Flavouring. Just add your desired base and you are ready to go!

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TFA Pear candy flavour concentrate flavouring is perfect for any TFA Pear Candy Flavour Concentrate Flavouring lover. It will make your vape juices aromatic, smoke like an e-liquid recipe, and bring your food recipes alive with its wide range of flavours and all-round multipurpose usability.

Warm-up to this tasty flavour kids. A mouthwatering start that elicits the fresh pear finish that provides intense fruitiness on inhale! You’ll be hooked on these succulent sweets eager to dip into another mouthful – but don’t be too hasty it won’t last forever!

TFA Pear Candy Flavour Concentrate Flavouring for any Vape Juice

TFA Pear Candy Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is a creative tool for any creative mind. The multipurpose flavouring can be used to liven up ANY vape juice, aroma or food recipe that could use a touch of sweetness. Whether you’re the DIY type, the professional chef type, or someone who loves repurposing their favourite flavours from concentrates – this product has something for everyone!

The flavour extract is light, reminiscent of the sweet canned pears that are classic in Western dishes. This product can be used similarly in many ways for any occasion or simply to enjoy on it’s own!
This tasty flavouring extract is subtly addictive with notes of vanilla and cream. It will mix well with other flavours in your e-liquid recipe to make unique blends with flavor notes you choose. You’ll also find this extract will go together beautifully with creams, ices, frostings, syrups and our TFA Pear Candy Flavor Concentrate Flavouring when cooking up new recipes!


A more candy-like version of a Pear Flavour.

Ingredients:Natural and Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol.

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