TFA Papaya Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


TFA Papaya Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is a blend of superior-quality fruity flavours, which can also be used as food flavouring or in any other project that requires flavour.

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TFA Papaya Flavour Concentrate Flavouring enables you to create your perfect papaya flavour for any use. You can put it into drinks, e-liquids or dishes that are savoury and sweet at the same time. TFA offers countless recipes to guide you on how to make the best of this product – whether you’re looking for a vaping juice or an innovative dish idea.

Get Authentic taste of Papaya Cream with TFA Papaya Flavour Concentrate

This product is the perfect addition to your vape juice for those papaya lovers. Add a dash of this concentrated flavouring before putting it into bottles, and you’ll be set. It’s great as an aroma or as smoke, and it can help with crafting e-liquids or food recipes! A recipe perfect for this mix is a shortbread cookie pie crust mixed with cherry chocolate ice cream.
Multi-purpose: use in juices & foods

Papayas are a delicious, juicy fruit that tastes tropical and exotic. So get ready for the best adventure ever, because we’ve got your ticket to taste paradise with our Papaya Flavour Concentrate Flavouring! Our TFA papaya concentrate has a fantastic sweetness that will have you craving more of this flavour.

Water Soluble.

A sweet, tart fruity Flavour with a musky, smoky, peppery touch.

Ingredients: Natural and artificial Flavours, PG, Milk Derivatives.

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