Pacha Mama – Peach Papaya Coconut Cream Concentrate One Shot

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Peach Papaya Coconut Cream Concentrate One Shot lovers better get their clouds ready to mingle with the flavor of this peach papaya coconut cream concentrate.

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Ever eat a tropical fruit salad? Ever wish you could just wrap it up and take the fruity creamy goodness with you? Now you can. Peaches, papaya and coconut cream in an concentrate you will put in the ‘#1 go to’ spot on your shelf!

30ml Bottle – Mix at 20-25%

Peach Papaya Coconut Cream Concentrate One Shot Lover needs the right product for their vaping device. One of the many choices is this e-juice which contains a sweet aroma with hints of fruit. If there are reservations, try starting with one flavor you already know and enjoy before branching out to something new!
Enjoy your sense while relieving your addiction without eliminating flavor! This product can be used in food recipes, make make it multipurpose on any menu.

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9 reviews for Pacha Mama – Peach Papaya Coconut Cream Concentrate One Shot

  1. JD-098

    Really nice peach flavour enriched by papaya and coconut cream

  2. David Stevens

    Bought this after a few sherbets one evening, looked at it when it arrived and thought why did i order that. Much to my surprise it smelt nice so i decided to mix it it up, not expecting it would become an All Day Vape for me. really delicious enjoyable juice.

  3. Jessie

    Lovely fresh fruity tropical juice with what is like a creamed coconut background flavour 🙂

  4. Helen

    Absolutely delicious flavour

  5. Joseph

    Ridiculously Delicious!! Its like a peachy pina colada type of flavour. Very moreish and hard to put down.

  6. Harry

    Easy to vape, smooth flavour. Easily my current favourite vape. (mixed at 20% – SNV)

  7. Elle

    Full on fruity creamy goodness is the description,and this is exactly what you get. 5*

  8. Trish

    Lovely peach flavour with a sweet creamed coconut exhale. Very much my kind of flavour. 5*

  9. Nicola

    Gorgeous flavour, a mix of peach and creamy coconut. Would be lovely to vape whilst on holiday i imagine. 5*

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