Coconut Ice Cream Bad Boy shot


Extra Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream with a Sweet Coconut Twist

Coconut Ice Cream Bad Boy Shot contains 55ml of Concentrated flavouring (22%)

Recommended Mix – 22%

Suggested Steep – 3 Weeks/21 Days

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Coconut Ice Cream Bottle Shot is an Extra Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream with a Sweet Coconut Twist.

Riff Raff ‘Bad Boy Shot’ E-Liquid Concentrates are the latest line of exemplary flavours from The Alchemist Cupboard. Normally, you would refrain from association with any Riff Raff, but not these, we are changing the perception of Riff Raff with 10 wonderfully crafted flavourings that will capture and enlighten your taste buds like never before.

Riff Raff Bad Boy Shot are specially formulated flavour concentrates, designed to create and deliver a complete E-Liquid flavouring solution in one simple shot. From sweet shop classics to uniquely crafted desserts, along with refreshing drinks, Riff Raff has something for everyone.

Coconut Ice Cream Bottle Shot is Made using only the finest ingredients, sourced from all across the globe . Each flavour comes with a specific individual mixing percentage, which is what The Alchemist determines as the best possible mix ratio after a long and enjoyable development period.

All flavours are Mono-Propylene Glycol based natural and/or nature identical flavourings, extracts and essences, that are designed for use, in the genetic make-up of E-Liquids.

Suitable both for High VG mixes & conventional 50/50 mixes (or anywhere in-between).

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If you are having some trouble understanding the mix, please feel free to contact us or download EJUCIEMEUP


Coconut Ice Cream Bad Boy Shot contains 55ml of Concentrated flavouring (22%)

Recommended Mix – 22%

Suggested Steep – 3 Weeks/21 Days

If using 10ml Nicotine Shots (18mg):
2 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 1.5mg Total
4 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 3mg Total
8 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 6mg Total

*Bad Boy Shots are Concentrated Flavourings and are NOT to be vaped without Mixing. This product is NOT ready to vape!
** A Bad Boy Shot contains the correct amount of Concentrate flavouring and leaves enough room for you to MAKE 250ml of E-Liquid.
*** Bad Boy Kits Contain 1 x 250ml Bad Boy Bottle + 250ml of VG + 4 x Nicotine Shots 18mg/ml

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg

250ml Bad Boy Shot, 250ml Bad Boy Kit (Bad Boy + 250ml VG + 4 x Nic Shots)

40 reviews for Coconut Ice Cream Bad Boy shot

  1. Claire

    Very good one shot, my ADV at the minute, lovely creamy coconut ice cream with a very subtle icey/cold feel. Ridiculously Moreish!!

  2. Abbey

    Wow! Very Flavoursome. Lovely sweet smooth taste. Would highly recommend to any one who likes the coconut style flavours

  3. Kayley

    Every bit as good as the description, i haven’t put it down since the steeping finished. 5*

  4. Josh1

    Great flavour & exceptional value.

  5. Paul

    Really refreshing considering its not fruit flavoured. The smooth coconut cream is complimented perfectly with a touch of coldness creating a lovely well balanced flavour. 5*

  6. Jamie M

    I cant’t leave it alone. Bloody lovely. Very creamy with a delightful coconut ripple throughout the creamy taste. 5*

  7. Giles

    Excellent. My new home for bottle shots.

  8. James H

    Absolutely delicious. Amazing creamy coconut flavour. Great value and speedy delivery. Very impressed after my first order with you guys, now plotting which flavours i’ll be ordering for Christmas.

  9. Donna

    Stunning flavour, I am a great fan of all things coconut so this is perfect for me. Very smooth, sweet and not to overpowering. 5*

  10. Ash Jarvis

    Had a lot of bottle shots from all the supposedly top vendors and i can honestly say none of them compare in quality to this outlet. Bursting with flavour, arrived the next day and all at a cracking price. If you’ve been using anyone else for bottle shots… use these guys next time around. you will not be disappointed i promise.

  11. Karl

    I’ve been buying dessert juices from various outlets for a couple of years now. Some are good, some are bad – and some are just plain nasty. Only found out about The Alchemist recently, and I have to say that I’m pretty miffed that I didn’t know about them sooner. The trouble with dessert juices, is that the names often flatter to deceive – not the case with Coconut Ice Cream. Super rich with a smooth taste, no burnt afters or harshness on the throat whatsoever. This kicks serious ass and puts other vendors to shame on value and quality. Awesome stuff.

  12. Samantha

    Extra special.
    Smooth and silky Coconut mixed with a beautiful vanilla ice cream, i also detect a slight hint of chocolate. Beautiful flavour to vape. 5*

  13. Greig

    Tried 3 from this range when D/H closed because of Covid, This flavour hands down is the best thing i have ever vaped. Knock spots off anything i’ve tasted. The other two i got were also great and easily on par if not better than my previous supplier for flavour and value. But this to me just has that WOW factor i have never had from a juice before. 5*+

  14. Andrew H

    Very nice flavour, smooth and leaves a lovely creamy aftertaste

  15. Zoe

    The best there is!!
    Been buying from these guys since the early days. You can tell how the company have progressed by the marketing etc any problems with an order are dealt with .Personally only 1 in 7 yrs .I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my vape liquids. The quality is second to none.

  16. Danny

    Not tasted anything this good in a while. Good strong flavour, clean and smooth to vape. excellent value as part of a kit, first time shopping here but i already know it wont be my last.

  17. Hayley

    Exquisite! If you like coconut or ice cream vapes, this is the juice for you! Plenty of both in this delicious flavour. Its an easy 5* from me.

  18. Dave

    Highly Addictive!!
    Years ago i got hooked on another coconut juice from the Alchemist, now its the turn of this juice. Outstanding flavour, one of the best i have had from anywhere. Full on coconut paired with extra creamy ice cream, every puff is like a sweet dream. 5*

  19. Leon H

    OUTSTANDING!! I have finally found my All Day Vape. The flavour is unreal!!!!

  20. Josh

    Proper decent flavour is this.

  21. Simon

    One of, if not my favourite bottle shots, Lovely creamy vanilla flavour, with a divine creamed coconut. A genuine winner!

  22. Thomas

    coconut perfection.

  23. Neil

    Very well crafted flavour. A good mix of Creamy vanilla and coconut makes for a truly delicious vape. 5*

  24. Amanda

    Perfection, if you like Coconut flavoured vapes, this will blow your mind. Been using coconut caramel hazelnut honey for some time, but fancied a change. Decided on this and just as coconut caramel it has such a high quality of flavour, Every aspect is just perfect. 5*

  25. Susie

    Such a satisfying flavour to vape. 5*

  26. Rob Castle

    Fantastic. very flavorsome.

  27. Kara

    Great liquid and super value. 5*

  28. Ruth

    Amazing flavour, the best coconut liquid by far, but waiting for it to steep takes a quite while. When buying this i had bought a pre-made version, but after 10 days i’m all out of juice and cant use this one yet as its says steep for 3 weeks before use. Now back to buy more of both pre-made juice – to see me until my one here has steeped and another bottle shot- to make now so i don’t have this problem again. I think after talking to The Alchemist, that staying one step ahead by making another as soon as you start a bottle is a great idea, so that your liquid is sufficiently steeped before use. .

  29. Sammy

    Ridiculously good. Would go as far as saying it the best vape i have had, as i have not enjoyed a flavour profile as much as i have this one. 5*

  30. Claire S

    Just WOW!!! I thought it was good when i first mixed it, but its incredible after a 2 week steep. My new favourite. 5*

  31. Tom Donnelly

    Absolutely delicious. Well worth the money if you like coconut flavours. 5*

  32. Christopher Davey

    Purchased this item a few times as it’s a great juice. Nice and smooth and the coconut isn’t too over powering on the ice cream. All round enjoyable vape liquid.

  33. James Hirst

    Fantastic creamy coconut vanilla vape liquid. Gets better as it goes on, left for a week before using but could have done with 2 to get that full flavour i loved. Back for some more as it was that good and this week i will steep it for 3 weeks. 5*

  34. Keith Hemsworth

    Amazing coconut ice cream flavour. even better than coconut caramel in my opinion and that was my all day vape for 3 years one bit of advice would be to buy two bottles and when you start the second after steeping and using the first bottle buy another to keep you in the swing of having one steeping while you are using one it saves you waiting as you get used to the ood vour of his juice which only comes with a 3 week steep. Keith

  35. Mrs Wilkes

    If you have got this far to read my review you are obviously interested. JUST BUY IT ALREADY, its a wonderfully unique flavour that is a joy to vape, you wont be disappointed one iota, i can assure you.

  36. Max Tovey

    With the weather changing freqently decisded I needed to broaden my tastebuds and try a new “Summer Vape”. I love coconut but have never really found a lasting coconut in vape – until I tried this!! I let is steep for 2 weeks before trying and have already had to order another bottle to start steeping as it certainly gets better every time I go back to it, I literally cannot leave it alone. I think I will have to try the other flavours in this range if they are all as good as this one.

  37. Jay

    Not bad straight off the bat, but becomes exceptional with a good 3-4 weeks steep. 5*

  38. James R

    No word of a lie, it is the best vape i have ever had. Such a defined coconut flavour. 5*

  39. Fraser

    WOW!!! This is something else! Amazing!!!

  40. Terry

    Bloody brilliant.

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