Loot Stack Shot


Loot Stack Shot vape juice is the perfect addition to top-tier flavor profiles that strike a balance between sweet and savory, bold and mellow. The combination of cannabinoids found in this e-juice has been identified as a powerful pain reliever which means no more caffeine cravings!



Loot Stack Shot is Money Shot ‘Stack Shots’ have been uniquely crafted and formulated for the home brewer, to create a deliciously perfect e-liquid to the levels of the professionals, for just a fraction of the cost.

Our complex ‘Stack-Shots’ are designed for usage between 20-25% (Subjective to preferential levels of taste). Each bottle has full step by step directions of usage on the reverse and its simply down to how much flavour you like from your vape…as to which mix ratio you choose. 20% is considered standard and most vapers will find this more than flavoursome enough, but for the ‘flavour junkies’ or vapers that struggle with flavour, 25% is advised.

The idea behind Bottle Shots is ease of use, each 500ml bottle comes part-filled with 100ml of concentrate, leaving more than enough room for you top up with your preferred PG VG or base mix. All bottle shots are designed on a 70vg – 30pg  Ratio. Once all elements are added together, simply ‘shake it like it’s hot’ and leave to steep for the advised period of time.

All flavours are Mono-Propylene Glycol (PG) based and are originally designed and suited for use in the genetic make-up of E-liquids.

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250ml Stack Shot, 500ml Stack Shot

15 reviews for Loot Stack Shot

  1. Ryan

    WOW! I’ve had a few blackcurrant type juices of late and this knocks the socks off of all ok them. Back to try more from this range as I was a first time customer. the quality of product is the best I have come across of all the bottle shots I have tried from various vendors. Beautiful balance of Blackcurrant and Apple – 5*

  2. Wendy

    Went for the 20% option and made 500ml. I was expecting a subtle flavour like most other bottle shots I have previously tried but was amazed after a 2 week steep just how prominent and delicious the flavour was. A beautiful balance of Apple and Blackcurrant. Looking forward to trying more of the Stack shots.

  3. David

    Top- Drawer!! Hands down one of the best bottle-shots I’ve had so far, perfect combination of apple and blackcurrant with just the right sweetness. every one at work has been saying how nice it smells and they don’t vape. normally they moan… so it must be good.

  4. James

    Seriously good.

  5. Ryan

    a proper good juice this. loads of flavor

  6. Marty

    Firstly, excellent service, ordered Friday and received Saturday, was vaping on it by Sunday!
    Went for the 500ml (20%) option, as this generally works well with most other bottle shots id had. Could not believe the difference in quality of flavour, even on the shake and vape. Not only is the Apple & Blackcurrant flavour delicious, its literally busting with flavour. One of…if not the BEST bottle shot I’ve had to date, and this is after only 3 days!! keen to try more.

  7. Kathy Barnett

    Just a real good apple and blackcurrant juice.

  8. Thomas

    The best flavour i have had from any bottle shot on the market. Excellent quality, tastes exactly as described. Delivered super quick. A little more expansive than others… but after vaping it i can see why. These guys know what they’re doing and how to make a great liquid, that is for sure.

  9. Sir Rolo

    I love this flavour, just one of those vapes you cannot get sick of.

  10. Bex

    Wonderful flavour and one that will be reordered.

  11. Eddy777

    Enjoyed every last drop of this, really fruity vape that is Big on flavour. Not mega sweet like some brands, Found it to be sweet enough to satisfy my needs, but noticed how my coils last twice as long compared to my previous supplier.

  12. Erica Tomac

    Love this, a great apple and blackcurrant fruit juice flavour. Brilliant value.

  13. Nigel

    Refreshingly Fruity!
    Brilliant apple and blackcurrant juice, loads of flavour when mixed at 20%. 5*

  14. Nathan

    Excellent speedy delivery and after smelling this could not wait to mix and vape it. Even on a shake and vape the flavour is still very authentic and even better 2- 3 days later. Also very good on the coils compared to other brands. Brilliant value for money

  15. Jo

    Sweet, fruity and a all round refreshing flavour to vape. 5*

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