Bunce Stack Shot


A thirst quenching sweet Raspberry & Lime cordial.

Expected coil life – 200ml

Mix at 20% – Steep for 10 days

Now Available in 3mg and 6mg Mix yourself kits


Bunce Stack Shot Bottle-Shot have been uniquely crafted and formulated for the home brewer, to create a deliciously perfect e-liquid to the levels of the professionals. For just a fraction of the cost of Premium E-Liquid..

Money Shot ‘Stack Shots are specially formulated flavour concentrates, designed to create and deliver a complete E-Liquid flavouring solution in one simple shot. From sweet shop classics to uniquely crafted desserts, along with refreshing drinks, Money Shot has something for everyone.

Bunce Is A thirst quenching sweet Raspberry & Lime cordial.

Bunce Stack Shot Bottle-Shot is Made using only the finest ingredients, sourced from all across the globe . Each flavour comes with a specific individual mixing percentage, which is what The Alchemist determines as the best possible mix ratio after a long and enjoyable development period.


Bunce 250ml Stack Shot Contains 50ml of Concentrate flavouring (20%)

Bunce 500ml Stack Shot Contains 100ml of Concentrate flavouring (20%)

Recommended Mix – 20%

Suggested Steep – 2 Weeks/14 Days

Expected coil life – 200ml

All flavours are Mono-Propylene Glycol based natural and/or nature identical flavourings, extracts and essences, this product is designed for use in the genetic make-up of E-Liquids.

Suitable both for High VG mixes & conventional 50/50 mixes (or anywhere in-between).

See what other Bottle Shots are available from The Alchemists Cupboard HERE

If you are having some trouble understanding the mix, please feel free to contact us or download EJUCIEMEUP

3mg kits contains VG and Nic shots to make upto 3mg

6mg kits contains VG and Nic Shots to make upto 6mg


If using 10ml Nicotine Shots (18mg):
2 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 1.5mg Total
4 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 3mg Total
8 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 6mg Total

(double everything for 500ml)

*Stack Shots are Concentrated Flavourings and are NOT to be vaped without Mixing. This product is NOT ready to vape!
** A Stack Shot contains the correct amount of Concentrate flavouring and leaves enough room for you to MAKE 250ml/500ml of E-Liquid.

For steeping advice >

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

250ml Stack Shot, 500ml Stack Shot, 250ml Stack Shot 3mg kit ( 1 x 250ml VG + 4 x Nic Shots), 250ml Stack Shot 6mg Kit ( 1 x 120ml VG + 8 x Nic Shots), 500ml Stack Shot 3mg Kit ( 1 x 500ml VG + 8 x Nic Shots), 500ml Stack Shot 6mg Kit ( 1 x 250ml VG + 16 x Nic Shots)

32 reviews for Bunce Stack Shot

  1. Jake

    Holy mother of God this sh*t is GOOOOOOOODDDD!!

  2. Jimmy

    I’ve had this flavor in every format and this is certainly the most cost effective. I’m now redundant to trying new flavors as Bunce is my ADV. Outstanding

  3. Dom

    Absolutely spot on! went with the 20% option and left it over night and was amazed at how good the flavour was the next day. a real shake and vape and brilliant flavour, very zingy.

  4. Rich

    Big bold zingy Raspberry and Lime flavour. Very smooth, very juicy and very nice.

  5. Brett

    Heard great things online about Bunce so thought id give it a try come pay-day. fist impressions were…. WOW… crazy good! I mixed at the 20% option to get max juice possible, steeped for like an hour, smelt so good after mixing that there was no way i was leaving this the recomended 7-10 days! Vapour production is great, very smooth, the flavour is just massive, a perfcet mix of Raspberry and Lime with Raspberry being the forefront flavour to me, Lime just adds a delightful twist and the sweetness is perfcet. Coils last really well and is a very clean running juice. A top quality product.

  6. Zak

    By far The Best!

    I have had 3 or 4 of these over the past few months, (Loot, Nicker & Wonga) all were really nice and have been thoroughly enjoyed but this (Bunce) is on another level. One of the best if not the best Bottle shot I have had. masses of flavour. juicy and a bit zingy. Highly recommend this juice!

  7. Frankie

    I thought once summer had finished I would back on to a dessert type vape, but I just can NOT leave this juice alone. Refreshing and fruity, this is an absolute gem of a liquid that doesn’t get boring.

  8. Rick

    Refreshing, fruity and great value…. wouldn’t buy from anywhere else.

  9. Roxy

    Every time i run out of juice i visit the cupboard adamant i’m going to try a new flavour, but every time i end up re-ordering Bunce….. Now on my 6th bottle, that’s 3 Liters i’ve vaped in 14 months, shows just how much i love it. By far the best flavour for me.

  10. Thomas

    Ridiculously good. I can not get enough of it.

  11. jamiemurray88

    Got it today and mixed it up straight away, OMG what a flavour, i love it already. It really is very very good. 5*

  12. AngryAngie

    beautiful sweet and sour fruity sweetie type flavour. ticks so many boxes

  13. D Westbrook

    So so good. Massive flavour and great on my coils. 5*

  14. Stephen

    Here’s hoping the 10 x 500ml bottles i just purchased last the year out. Has been my ADV for over a year and i couldn’t turn down the offer that is currently on. Best flavour there is! 5*

  15. Ryan M

    Couldn’t believe this was 30% off, only popped in to get a bottle, ended up buying 5! Silly not to at that price. Amazing E-Liquid!

  16. Marcus

    even after a few yeas, its still the best flavour out there. Fantastic Raspberry and lime blend perfectly, with an awesome sherbet twist. Its very sweet and tart at the same time, but just one of those flavours i just can not get enough of. 5*

  17. Jack

    Quality on every level. Went with the 20% option to maximize the amount of juice i made, Big bold sweet and tart raspberry & lime with an incredibly fizzy/sherbety finish. 5*

  18. Lee

    One of the best bottle shots i have had for flavour. Really good Lime and raspberry flavour that is Fizzy, fruity, sweet and tart all at the same time. Its genuinely like a taste explosion in your mouth on the inhale, that lasts. 5*

  19. Marty Finch

    Honestly, this is top drawer, i’d border on saying amazing. Has the WOW factor well beyond the first taste. 5*

  20. TESS

    Top quality and the reason i keep coming back after all these years.

  21. TESS


  22. Alana

    Outstandingly good flavour. Much better than my previous supplier on both flavour quality and speed of delivery. 5*

  23. Jack

    Brilliant stuff, excellent quality of flavour and lots of it.Mixed at 20% and the flavour is off key.

  24. Anonymous

    This was an excellent juice choice. Smooth, and the taste is just as described. Lovely 🙂

  25. Mark

    Outstanding flavour.

  26. Mike

    Fantastic stuff, top quality. Delicious flavour and great value when buying the kits. 5*

  27. Justin

    This is such a brilliant juice, which is full on flavour-tastic 5*

  28. Harry

    Quality stuff. Flavour is unreal. 5*

  29. Jake

    One of the best bottle shots these do, normally order 1 a year and use it as a treat liquid, generally on nights out as it goes lovely with craft ales. 5*

  30. Rags

    Ridiculously good, the flavour has everything, sweet n tart, sour and refreshing. One of my new favourites. 5*

  31. Heidi S

    Such a delicious flavour. The right amount of sweetness and a hit of sour. Very moreish.

  32. Cheryl

    The flavour on this juice is just superb, highly recommend it.

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