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for flavor west sweetener lovers, vape juices aromatic smoking e-juices for a flavor to make all your dishes more delicious. you’ll also love the multipurpose uses that this product has for food recipes and cooking in general
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Savory flavors are aiming for the savory side of your taste buds with Flavor West Sweetener! Great for everything from veggies to meat entrees, to baking indulgences, this product is addictively good. This delicious syrup provides a perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess in every spoonful. Made with high-quality ingredients so you never have to worry about artificial flavors or chemicals in this gem. So many uses- Splitting it up in the pot when cooking vegetables over medium heat so they get coated with flavor – using it in soups when simmering them on low/medium heat, Adding it into fruit sauces that are being boiled on low/medium heat- And lots more.

Add flavor and aroma to your vape juice with sweeteners from Flavor West

With a variety of popular, sweetened e-juice flavors, Flavor West’s line of sweetener products is the perfect addition to any dessert or teeth-strengthening tea. Now anyone can easily incorporate enough sweetness into their diet from all those delicious vaping liquids without sacrificing the high nicotine content they’ve been accustomed to! As with other flavorings and enhancers offered by Flavor West, these flavors are versatile with many uses–for culinary experiments or simply adding a little natural sweetness to any dish.

Whether you’re cooking up some fresh food in the kitchen, rearranging your favorite recipe to suit personal taste, or just looking for that perfect blend of sweet and tangy, Flavor West Sweetener is the key ingredient you need. Ripe fruits are blended with light citrus notes and a touch of sweet caramel which makes it ideal to use as a natural sugar substitute in any application. Don’t worry though because delicious flavors don’t have to end there because we also carry an assortment of fruit flavored e-liquids that will please even the pickiest smoker’s palette! Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, Flavor West Sweetener has what you need from mealtime desserts to refreshing beverages.

Flavour West  flavour concentrates from California USA offer a wide range of artificial & Natural flavours.

Flavour West concentrates are made from high quality ingredients, standard usages of around 10-20%.

Warning: If used for DIY E-Liquids -These concentrates need to be mixed with PG or VG before vaping. Do not attempt to vape these concentrates on their own.

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