Flavor West Cherry Crush

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Give your taste buds a summer vacation with Flavor West Cherry Crush E-Juice. If you’ve ever sipped on iced cherry flavored drinks at the beach, this one will take you back!
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Flavor West Cherry Crush e-juice is the ideal tart and sweet flavor for those who love cherry. Whether you’re vaping or cooking- Flavor West has got your back with its delightful tarts, cherries, and just enough sugar to keep everything balanced.

Flavor West cherry crush e-liquid is one of the best vape juice flavors

Flavor West Cherry Crush juice really reproduces the taste of a cherry pop-tart in vapor form. This might be what you’re looking for if you’ve been trying to quit smoking and cold turkey, or switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-juices has proved difficult. Vapor generally feels less harsh than smoke from conventional cigarettes, so vaping with Flavor West Cherry crush is likely to consume fewer calories and have a more pleasant mouth feel.
In addition, this company offers over 100 different flavors that suit every interest whether it be herbal flavors like holiday green or dessert/fruit flavors such as cascadura orange cream cake or pure tobacco flavor west applejack! There are also options for people living gluten-free lifestyles who suffer from celiac disease–

The flavor of this Vape Juice is so rich, sweet, and fresh that it will have you hooked from the very first hit. This E-Juice makes a delicious addition to cake or muffin recipes for a cherry surprise—and because your house won’t smell like cigarette smoke, you can enjoy all those Cherry Crush dishes guilt-free!

Flavour West flavour concentrates from California USA offer a wide range of artificial & Natural flavours.

Flavour West concentrates are made from high quality ingredients, standard usages of around 10-20%.

Warning: If used for DIY E-Liquids -These concentrates need to be mixed with PG or VG before vaping. Do not attempt to vape these concentrates on their own.

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2 reviews for Flavor West Cherry Crush

  1. John (verified owner)

    Not had much success with cherries until i tried this one. Good honest cherry flavour, Mixed at 15% on it own and turned out good enough for me.

  2. tim.johnson52 (verified owner)

    I bought this because I love anything cherry, and was pleasantly surprised at my outcome I did a 10 ml mix and used 70/30 vg to pg 6 ml nicotine i mixed this at 8 % but decided a litlle more was needed upped it to 10% spot on, added a little koolada and a little fizzy base i was well impressed cant stop vaping it now, Ive since made 100 ml

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