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Kiss your Butter Pecan cravings goodbye with FlavWest’s buttery, nutty and chocolaty flavor. Our authentic flavors such as this one will leave you wanting more.

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At Flavor West our mission is about enhancing life’s moments with flavor. Celebrate the special times because everything can be even more fun and enjoyable when you have a Flavor West Butter Pecan puff of your favorite Smoke Juice by our collection of edible e-liquids!

Flavor West Butter Pecan is a Delicious buttery flavor for e-juice lovers

If you can’t wait to vape an e-liquid that is as delicious as the name sounds, wait no longer. With Flavor West Butter Pecan Flavored E-Juice, your taste buds go wild because it has all the essential qualities of a fantastic flavor. Sweet enough but not overly indulgent, this butter pecan cream tastes just like everyone knows it should, without being too overbearing at all! Too much sweetener in anything can be bad for your teeth if eaten too often or even coughing up blood with diseases like diabetes which are common in Sugar Deficiency. Sugar-free sweets artificially sweetened are healthier for those lifestyle restrictions and also provide versatility when cooking desserts. This whip cream invention will give one person

It’s that time of year again – the leaves are falling and we all find ourselves with a little more time on our hands. What better way to enjoy your fleeting moments than by whipping up some tasty food and blowing out candles? Now, if you’re like us here at Flavor West, then there is no such thing as too many recipes or too many e-juices! We love experimenting with new flavors each day; making sure every failed experiment only makes the next one better! One flavor we particularly love is Butter Pecan because nothing compares to it for this time of year. It tastes satisfyingly delicious when combined with spices in dishes like pumpkin pie or maple syrup in recipes like pancakes or waffles (we do recommend

Flavour West  flavour concentrates from California USA offer a wide range of artificial & Natural flavours.

Flavour West concentrates are made from high quality ingredients, standard usages of around 10-20%.

Warning: If used for DIY E-Liquids -These concentrates need to be mixed with PG or VG before vaping. Do not attempt to vape these concentrates on their own.

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