Custard Cream Short-fill E-Liquid (50ml)

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Custard Cream Short-fill E-Liquid

The Alchemists take on a great British Biscuit – The Custard Cream.

Available in both 50PG/50VG + 70VG/30PG mixes

Custard Cream Short-fill E-Liquid

The Alchemists take on a great British Biscuit – The Custard Cream.

A Custard Cream is a type of biscuit popular in the U.K. Its structure is that of a sandwich, with a creamy, custard-flavoured centre between two flat biscuit layers. Traditionally, the filling tastes of vanilla and usually have an elaborate baroque design stamped onto them.

 This E-Liquid Available in both 50PG/50VG + 70VG/30PG mixes, to give a good thick vapor production and a nice flavour in the mouth and after exhale.

This liquid is a reasonably complex mix, and changes flavour over time, its good to go after just 2 days, but will develop more Custard & Vanilla tones if put away to steep in a nice warm place for at least 10 days, this is the best way get the deepest flavour from it….

But if you don’t have the willpower, it is still good at just 2 or 3 days old.

Perfect with a nice Cuppa.

The Alchemists Short-Fill E-Liquids are presented in 60ml Gorilla style bottles, part-filled with 50ml of Nicotine Free E-Liquid, designed for the addition of Nicotine by yourself (please see table below for guidelines) or an addition of plain VG. Equating to 10ml in both instances.

When combined with VG based Nicotine (or Plain VG if you require Nicotine Free 0mg/ml) this creates the chosen final ratio of your juice as selected above. Carefully pop off the top of your E-Liquid, add your desired shot of Nicotine boosting compound, pop the caps back on and shake THOROUGHLY until you are certain the liquids are adequately mixed together (a good 5 min shake at least) it will look a little cloudy/airy after this – simply allow this to settle for an hour or so, another quick shake and it should be good to go.

*We can not supply E-Liquids with the desired Nicotine Content. This has to be sourced and added by yourself. We can not supply or advise on where to obtain High Strength (72mg/ml) Nicotine, We can only supply and recommend our compliant 18mg/ml Nicotine Shot.

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Custard Cream – 50VG-50PG, Custard Cream – 70VG-30PG, Custard Cream – 50VG-50PG + 18mg/ml Nicotine- Shot, Custard Cream – 70VG-30PG + 18mg/ml Nicotine- Shot

8 reviews for Custard Cream Short-fill E-Liquid (50ml)

  1. Kambiz Maleki Ghorbani (verified owner)

    very tasteless. I didn’t like it and unfortunately I bought 10 pieces. It was one of the worst juices I have ever used. iam very disappointed

  2. David (verified owner)

    Been on this juice for years now its a great custard cream biscuit flavour

  3. Daniel

    Just received my second batch of custard cream and don’t think I will ever be without a bottle, it’s that good

  4. Mick

    Spot on replication of a custard cream biscuit, thankyou.

  5. Brenda

    my fave was always Egg Custard Tart, until I tried this baby, this is soooo good.

  6. Brad

    Been losing faith with e liquids as a whole lately due to lack of realistic flavour,harshness and chemically tastes. Enter the legend that is the alchemist! Ye gods people, his cupboard is a recepticle of joy!!! Not only is the vapour dense, the throat hit is solid yet not at all harsh. Creamy full flavour and so realistic it is untrue! Truly amazing, actually better tasting than most versions of the actual biscuit available. Better for the waistline also! Like inhaling a real custard cream without the choking risk from crumbs. Biscuits are no more, long live the vape version! All hail the alchemist!

  7. Dave

    This is bar far the best flavour I have ever tried! Will be ordering 50ml soon

  8. Heather Graham

    I had to come in and score you 5 out of 5 for this divine biscuit flavour!! I will admit to being a custard cream addict I have found myself using this one more than the others it is moreish. I have enjoyed dealing with you deliveries are quick and as expected. you will find me a very regular customer. absolutely recommended.

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