American Apple Pie E-Liquid

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American Apple Pie E-Liquid simply bursts with rich, sweet, juicy apple flavours that have been carefully blended from different apple flavour concentrates here in the UK, mixing the varieties of the fruit just like the real thing


American Apple Pie E-Liquid is Classic American Dessert from the heart of the USA. The Alchemists American Apple Pie bursts with rich, sweet, juicy apple flavours that have been carefully blended from different apple flavour concentrates here in the UK. Mixing the varieties of the fruit just like the real thing.

Available in both 60PG/40VG + 70VG/30PG mixes. This ensures good vapor and flavour production. We recommend that you give it about a two week steep, from bottled date, in order to develop the full flavours.

Directions Of Use:

The Alchemists Short-Fill E-Liquids are presented in 60ml Gorilla style bottles, part-filled with 50ml of Nicotine Free E-Liquid. Designed for the addition of Nicotine by yourself (please see table below for guidelines) or an addition of plain VG. Equating to 10ml in both instances.

When combined with VG based Nicotine (or Plain VG if you require Nicotine Free 0mg/ml) this creates the chosen final ratio of your juice as selected above. Carefully pop off the top of your E-Liquid, add your desired shot of Nicotine boosting compound. Then pop the caps back on to the bottle and shake it THOROUGHLY. Until you feel  the liquids are adequately mixed together. (a good 5 min shake at least) It will look a little cloudy/airy after this, simply allow this to settle for an hour or so, another quick shake and it should be good to go.

*We can not supply E-Liquids with the desired Nicotine Content. This has to be sourced and added by yourself. We can not supply or advise on where to obtain High Strength (72mg/ml) Nicotine, We can only supply and recommend our compliant  18mg/ml Nicotine Shot.

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American Apple Pie – 40VG-60PG, American Apple Pie – 70VG-30PG, American Apple Pie – 40VG-60PG + 18mg/ml Nicotine- Shot, American Apple Pie – 70VG-30PG + 18mg/ml Nicotine- Shot

13 reviews for American Apple Pie E-Liquid

  1. Fabio

    I love this – it has SOO much potential – when you do get a flavour hit it tastes just great – but at the moment the flavour sort of dances around the edges of your tongue and doesn’t deliver a direct hit. If this juice had just a bit more flavour and delivery it would get top marks for me . If the Alchemist changes his mix and It gets better I will def give it top marks..

  2. Mick

    Lovely apple flavour, hint of cinnamon, and pastry crust.

  3. Victoria

    I’m completely new to vaping and I’m not very good at describing things but this is amazing! So tasty and smooth. I feel like I’m Charlie in the chocolate factory or something, I can’t wait to try my other flavours.

  4. Amandeep

    Amazingly accurate flavour! Some might find this too subtle but personally I find the flavour matures once left to steep for a few weeks. The Apple isn’t trio overpowering. I would definitely recommend this flavour to anyone that loves a good Apple pie.

  5. Dwain

    A flavour that is often tried but a lot less often perfected, well…. The Alchemist has smashed this one out of the park…. and then some.
    Every element/essence of a fresh baked apple pie is nailed in the juice. This juice offers an abundance of flavour and at 70/30 has a great cloud production. I’d go as far to say that its probably the best Apple pie vape I’ve had over the years. Wished id have tried it sooner and saved some cash along the way. eager to try other flavours now. 10/10

  6. Emma

    Utterly Divine.

  7. Bex

    My favourite vape ever. A vape that tastes more like an apple pie…. than an apple pie!! If this was a real dessert I would be 20 stone plus, thank god its a vape!

  8. Miranda

    I’ve been vaping this for around a year now…. Very good flavour, Tastes just like a posh Apple Pie.

  9. Paula

    Excellent quality vape liquid. Tastes amazing

  10. Josh

    brill vape juice. 5*

  11. Leo9

    Brilliant authentic vape liquid. Tastes exactly as it suggests. 5*

  12. Allison

    A very nice liquid to vape, gives plenty of delicious apple pie flavour and aroma. 5*

  13. Mike Newton

    Very enjoyable flavour to vape. 5*

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