Cranberry, Apple & Raspberry Concentrate

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Do you love Cranberry Apple & Raspberry Concentrate as much as we do? Get ready to vape,

30ml Bottle – Makes 150ml Of E-Liquid – Mixed at 20% – Steep for 3 days

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Ohmboy Cranberry, Apple and Raspberry concentrate is a unique flavor that you need to try. We’ve perfectly blended fresh cranberries and apples with the sweet taste of raspberry, making this mix a top fall favorite for leaving your mouth watering. Once you open the Ohmboy one shot concentrate, you’ll be able to smell all the sultry sweetness carried by these three flavors. Combined together they are one of our most popular mixtures – giving off an intense fruit aroma for your enjoyment throughout each puff! Plus, if factoring in its great tasting, zero nicotine yet still flavorful blend it becomes even easier why Cranberry, Apple & Raspberry Concentrate is so popular among vape juices users looking for new e-juices.

Sour Cranberry blended with juicy Apple and sweetened with fresh Raspberries for a lip smacking fruit fusion.

Please Note that Cranberry Apple & Raspberry  is designed to be used in DIY E-Liquid and should NOT to be vaped on its own without mixing. This products does not contain Nicotine.

30ml Bottle – Makes 150ml Of E-Liquid – Mixed at 20% – Steep for 3 days

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9 reviews for Cranberry, Apple & Raspberry Concentrate

  1. Zoe

    Love this flavour so much. Really refreshing to vape. Beautiful fruity flavour. Looking forward to trying the others…

  2. Sarah Atkins

    Fruity deliciousness. Easy to vape with a lingering aroma/taste that is nothing but pleasurable.

  3. Tina

    Really fruity, refreshing, thoroughly enjoyable vape. 5*

  4. Cheryl

    Divine flavour, The sourness of the cranberry compliments the tart of the Apple and Raspberry wonderfully. Its a really lovely vape.

  5. Robert

    Delicious natural flavour that is not over sweetened. Flavours combine perfectly. 5*

  6. Becca

    Been mixing apple with raspberry for years, its my flavour, i loved it until i tasted this one as a treat, knocks spots off of my own made. Very natural tasting, sweet but not so it gunks your coils. All round lovely flavour, but its for treats only as can make it a lot cheaper with TFA Apple and Raspberry. still a 5* from me and look forward to maybe Easter for my next bottle.

  7. Steve

    Great flavor, very natural tasting. would buy again.

  8. Natalie

    Fresh fruity and incredibly tasty.

  9. Darren

    Heavenly, a refreshing mix of fruits. Very tasty and enjoyable to vape.

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