TFA Cola Syrup Concentrate Flavouring


TFA Cola Syrup Concentrate Flavouring brings the nostalgia of your favourite drink to your vape juice, with perfect balance and robust flavour.

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TFA Cola Syrup Concentrate Flavouring is a multipurpose flavouring. Doesn’t only go well in sodas and pop recipes, but can also be used in drinks, cakes, puddings, and much more! Check out our flavor finds to discover fun cucumber-lemonade or grapefruit-tequila vapes that will have you screaming “I WANT ICE COLD BEER!”

TFA cola syrup concentrate flavouring for e-juice

Sometimes in this fast-paced world, off-flavors in your e-juice can happen. A great way to beat these off-flavors is by adding some TFA Cola Syrup Concentrate Flavouring! This is because cola flavoring not only is sweet and has a slight tang but also helps balance out the flavor of other fruit or bakery flavors when added with them—making for a perfect vaping experience. Instead of wasting that expensive flavour stash you previously bought, why not use it? All you need to do is create an incredible concoction of flavours just waiting for any hardworking vaper who wants something believable but different.

This flavour of the week is TFA Cola Syrup Concentrate Flavouring. Make some just-add-soda, root beer float, chocolate milk, whipped cream on fruit or more with this multipurpose product. A little goes a long way to perfect your favourite drink recipes or finishing touch to any holiday meal you are cooking up in your kitchen! TFA Cola Syrup Concentrate Flavouring is the perfect additive to customize your e-liquid recipe. This product produces a light, fizzy soda flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel for an all-day vape delight. You can even mix it up inside of a bowl or pot roast recipes for an unforgettable meal! With so many delicious customer creations out there, TFA Cola concentrate is one of the most versatile products on the market today.

Water soluble.

This cola is a bit sweeter than our original, and perhaps a little stronger.

Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavors,Ethyl Alcohol.

Larger sizes available in our Bulk Sizes Category.

TFA is a division of the famous The Perfumer Apprentice (TPA) company, which since 2004 have produced various ranges of flavour concentrates for use in multiple industry’s for a multitude of uses. This brand (TFA) has gained a lot of trust and admiration among vapers and DIY enthusiasts alike, all around the world.

These concentrates can generally be used from around 10-15% in the making of your liquids, but each favour has a different intensity, whereas some may need a touch more… some may need a touch or so less. The Flavour Apprentice (TFA) concentrates are food safe and they can also be used for baking, candys, sodas, or any other edible application.

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