Cola Cubes Short-fill E-Liquid (50ml)

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Sometimes we think, “That should be an easy one to make” but we have to admit that we have been well and truly stumped on this one…. It was not an easy flavour to produce, in fact The Alchemist’s team have taken over 6 months to get this liquid right.

There were so many cola flavours out there that promised so much, but after extensive testing were rejected.

Now we have found one that meets our expectations, and after lots of testing and tweaking the Alchemist has said it is “Good to go”!

Reminiscent of the Cola Cube sweets, on the inhale you get a nice flavour that remains in the mouth and lingers on long after the exhale .

Treat yourself to a flavour blast from the past.

You could happily vape this one all day if you wanted!

This 50PG/50VG E-Liquid produces a good vapour and rich lingering flavours of cola cubes in the mouth after exhaling.

All in all, it is a very nice vape.


The Alchemists Short-Fill E-Liquids are presented in 60ml Gorilla style bottles, part-filled with 50ml of Nicotine Free E-Liquid, designed for the addition of Nicotine by yourself (please see table below for guidelines) or an addition of plain VG. Equating to 10ml in both instances.

When combined with VG based Nicotine (or Plain VG if you require Nicotine Free 0mg/ml) this creates the chosen final ratio of your juice as selected above. Carefully pop off the top of your E-Liquid, add your desired shot of Nicotine boosting compound, pop the caps back on and shake THOROUGHLY until you are certain the liquids are adequately mixed together (a good 5 min shake at least) it will look a little cloudy/airy after this – simply allow this to settle for an hour or so, another quick shake and it should be good to go.

*We can not supply E-Liquids with the desired Nicotine Content. This has to be sourced and added by yourself. We can not supply or advise on where to obtain High Strength (72mg/ml) Nicotine, We can only supply and recommend our compliant 18mg/ml Nicotine Shot.

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Cola Cubes -50VG-50PG, Cola Cubes -70VG-30PG, Cola Cubes -50VG-50PG + 18mg/ml Nicotine- Shot, Cola Cubes -70VG-30PG + 18mg/ml Nicotine- Shot

17 reviews for Cola Cubes Short-fill E-Liquid (50ml)

  1. Ricardo

    Easily the best cola flavour on the market. Has a slight kick to it which makes it taste exactly like Fentimans Curiosity Cola. An all day vape which doesn’t have the “flat soda” taste of other cola eliquids out there.

  2. Dan case

    Quite simply the best cola flavoured e-liquid out there right now. As mentioned in another review, the taste is reminiscent of ‘proper’ cola like Fentimans, and not the more cloying Coca Cola style flavour. Can happily vape this one all day, don’t change a thing!

  3. Andy

    This was the first liquid i brought from AC and what can i say, its like im transported back in time to the good ole sweet shops, This is a 100 percent accurate reproduction of the classic sweet, a good mix of taste and hit. I wouldn’t say its an all day vape but when you have that sweet desire i just pop it in and it takes me back, its my treat vape of choice and will definetly be coming back for more

  4. Gaz Burton

    You Wont find a better cola flavour Eliquid on the market… I promise you!
    Tastes just like a traditional cola cubes from back in the day. Not cheap in taste like most cola liquids, has a more crafted cola side, but the sweetness makes it a dead ringer for the cola cubes… Please do a pineapple one guys! *Top Quality

  5. Joe

    A fantastic E-Liquid, one of great authenticity. Just as I remember the sweets being. Highly Recommended

  6. Paul

    Great tasting vape liquid from start to finish. would buy again but so many others to try first.

  7. Rick

    Very good tasting cola vape. Only negative for me is, that after a while it becomes a bit throaty.

  8. Davey

    Great flavour, i love the cheap cola taste. as with all cola E-Liquids its better at a lower heat, cola flavours are thinner than most, so don’t have so much resistance to heat. Once you find the sweet spot, it takes away all harshness and gives great flavour.

  9. Andi

    Incredibly authentic replication of my favourite childhood sweet. 5*

  10. David Cook

    Just like the sweets, great cola candy flavour, sweet but not so much it kills your coils, i got a good 10 days out of my coil which equated to a bottles consumption.

  11. Karen Edwards

    Very happy with purchase and the speedy delivery can’t fault this company. Would highly recommend them and this particular vape juice. 5*

  12. Jessica

    Great flavour, nice a punchy.

  13. David

    Very good quality of flavour. 5*

  14. Neil

    My favourite from the ones i bought. Just like the cola cubes from the sweet shop. Lots of flavour and nice and sweet. Leaves a lingering taste in your mouth, as if you have just eaten one. 5*

  15. Paul

    Great flavour but appears quite thin for a 70/30 liquid. Still vapes really well with the heat switched down and produces good level of vapour, just a bit thinner than others i have tried.

  16. Jen

    A great 50/50 liquid for MTL.

  17. Tim

    Nice vape juice. done the job!

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