Black Mamba – Drip Hacks Concentrate

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Black Mamba Drip Hacks concentrate vape e-liquid is perfect to add flavour and cooling tones to your device in one short.

Black Mamba Drip Hacks Concentrate is a sweet and tangy blend of Blackcurrant and tropical fruits consisting mainly of mango and citrus fruits. Mildly sweet, this vape juice provides you with an invigorating fruity sensation on the inhale which is complemented by subtle black currant notes, ensuring that every taste bud gets tantalized. End your day right with a long-lasting aftertaste that slightly evolves into its tartness to surprise all your taste buds one last time.

Black Mamba Drip Hacks Concentrate using for Multipurpose

Black Mamba Drip Hacks is a carefully crafted blend of Blackcurrant and tropical fruits. Black Mamba is sweet, tangy, and mildly sweet with tastes ranging from blackcurrants to citrus fruits. Subtle yet distinct notes make for an appealing fruity vape that will surely please you if your taste buds are feeling adventurous!
Black Mamba Drip Hacks E-liquid was designed with Cloud V as well in mind so feel free to add a couple of drops of Terpineol at any time during or after the mixing process to enhance thickness or headiness – but not too much because it may be overwhelming on what could be a delicate flavor profile. Enjoy our straightforward recipe’s flavourful simplicity when looking for something different than anything else you’ve tried today!


  • 7-day Steeping period.
  • Doesn’t contain WS-23 or Menthol.
  • Moderately sweet
  • Mix at 20%


About Black Mamba Drip-Hacks Concentrate

Drip Hacks was founded on the ambition to supply the market with the highest quality yet affordable products. Launched in 2015, we built ourselves a reputation for exactly this, and continue to strive for excellence. It is our mission to provide users with the best vaping experience possible, ensuring our product range is adapted and improved whenever possible.  It is with this ambition that Drip Hacks are able to provide some of the best DIY  E-Liquid Concentrate products around.

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  1. John Ross (verified owner)

    Guess this flavour profile just isn’t for me. You don’t know until you try.

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