Biscuit Boss Gingerbread Short-Fill E-Liquid


Biscuit Boss Gingerbread Short-Fill E-Liquid delicious gingerbread short filler juice is the perfect blend of warm spices, rich creaminess with a hint of sweetness.


Soft and spicy Gingerbread, entwined with a digestive cookie base.

*’Short-Fill’ E-liquids are Nicotine Free Flavoured E-Liquids. Presented in a 60ml bottle, part-filled to 50ml. For more information please see below.

Biscuit Boss Gingerbread Short-Fill E-Liquid Short-Fills E-Liquids have been uniquely crafted & formulated to create “The Perfect Vape” to accompany the hot drink in your life. So, if you like a lot of flavour with your Vape…. Join the Biscuit Boss’s Club.

With 7 amazing flavours, Biscuit Boss offers something for everyone. These bold buttery sandwich biscuits are made even more luscious with your preferred creme filling, Choose from Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Cinnamon-Apple, Caramel & Coffee, & Ice Cream

Gingerbread Crème Biscuit E-Liquid Short -Fills are presented in 60ml bottles, part filled (contents 50ml), designed for the addition of 1 x 10ml VG based – 18mg/ml Nicotine Shot which will need to be added by YOU. This can be selected on the drop-down menu above. Simply pop the lid off the biscuit boss bottle and squeeze in your desired boosting compound *These lids can be quite tight and some grips may be required… all standard stuff.

When combined, this creates a 70vg/30pg – 60ml E-Liquid at 3mg/ml Alternatively, you can purchase this without the Nicotine Shot but you will need to add 10ml of plain VG to make the liquid taste as intended.

Once your Short-Fill E-Liquids have been boosted by the appropriate compound, shake it like a ‘BOSS’ for a good few minutes just to allow the contents to mix into one another sufficiently. It will look a little cloudy/airy after this – simply allow this to settle for an hour or so, another quick shake and it should be good to vape from then on in.

*We advise the use of The Alchemists Cupboard Compliant Nicotine-Shots or VG to boost to the recommended capacity. We will not be held responsible or accountable for any damages to these products, where this has not been applied and proof of purchase and batch numbers will need to be supplied.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg

50ml Gingerbread Short-Fill E-Liquid + 10ml – Nicotine Shot 18mg/ml, 50ml Gingerbread Short Fill E-Liquid

15 reviews for Biscuit Boss Gingerbread Short-Fill E-Liquid

  1. Graeme

    Absolutely gorgeous flavour. Tastes like you’re eating Gingerbread Biscuits rather than vaping it.

  2. Gavlar

    Doesn’t get much better than this juice. Outstanding Gingerbread flavour that is beyond real tasting. Its like its straight from the oven.
    Highly recommend this juice to anyone.

  3. Mike

    Exceptional vape liquid. Quality on every level

  4. Ron

    Really does taste of a freshly baked gingerbread biscuit. Easy to vape all day.

  5. Katie

    Ordered yesterday, arrived today! First liquid i have tried from these guys, very impressed already.

  6. Ben M

    Extremely moreish and actually tastes just like a gingerbread biscuit. 5*

  7. Ruth

    First time ordering and impressed with both the quality and flavour of the gingerbread juice and the prompt receipt within 48 hours of placing my order. Will certainly be ordering more, not just of this, but other flavours have also caught my eye.

  8. Craig

    Top quality vape liquid. 5*

  9. Danny

    Awesome! Very authentic Gingerbread style flavour.

  10. Mark

    Perfectly captures the taste of a gingerbread biscuit. 5*

  11. Shaun

    The after taste, Genuinely tastes like you have just EATEN a gingerbread biscuit. first time ordering, but will be buying again and again. 5*

  12. Ashley

    Fantastic vape juice, full of delicious gingerbread flavour. 5*

  13. John


  14. Natalie

    Perfect gingerbread flavour. 5*

  15. Steven A

    A truly wonderful vape liquid. Enjoyed every last drop i could from the bottle and re-ordered immediately. 5*

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