Alchemists Custard 30ml Concentrate

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Alchemists Custard E-liquid Concentrate 30ml

The Alchemists Custard is Rich, Creamy & fantastically flavoursome.

Mix at 20% – Steep for 3+ weeks

*If you require 50ml or 100ml sizes, please see our NEW DELUXE SHOTS,


Alchemists Custard E-liquid Concentrate 30ml

*If you require 50ml or 100ml sizes, Please see our NEW DELUXE SHOTS,

For 50ml of concentrate, Please select the 250ml size, which contains 50ml of concentrate. For 100ml of Concentrate, Please select the 500ml size, which contains 100ml of concentrate

We held off releasing this flavour for a long time, as everyone was bringing out their own take on the increasingly popular Vanilla Custard flavour, and we wanted to be able to offer something different and better than them all.

A lot of developing and testing of over 80 different custard concentrates, resulted in us producing a very Rich, Creamy & flavoursome Vanilla Custard flavoured E-Liquid Concentrate with

This E-Liquid Concentrate will give true replication of flavour  but like all Custard e-liquids, it needs some love and time to steep. So please be patient and you will be rewarded.


The Alchemist’s Tip –  Mix at 20% – Steep for 3 + weeks

All Alchemists Cupboard Deluxe Concentrates are PG based and intended for the home user. Strength of flavour is always at the users preference.

Please read the mixing guide available here


Artificial & Natural Flavours, Mono-Propylene Glycol.


  • This is a concentrated flavouring to be mixed in a DIY E-Liquid. It is not to be vaped without diluting.

There can be noticeable colour differences between different batches of the same flavour. This is a natural result of the flavour manufacturing process.

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34 reviews for Alchemists Custard 30ml Concentrate


    I never thought I would like this flavour as I wasnt too into the whole creamy thing but wow this stuff is my daily vape now. So creamy and tasty. If your thinking about it then go for it you wont regret it.

  2. James Robinson

    Made up 400 mls so far of the ACS custard at 25% 50/50 PG/VG let it steep for 6 weeks and it just gets better and better ! A really lovely custard taste !!! This is just spot on!! The best I’ve made and I’ve tried most other brands and will say that this is at the top of the vapeing premier league! Such a nice taste !! Very additive!!!

  3. Mo

    Ridiculously good! If you like custard vapes you will adore this flavour I promise! I Stocked up over the weekend taking advantage of the sale, thought I’d just leave a review to say thanks for my free party bag. Gonna flavour some small batches of your great custard with the free flavours. Still my favourite vendor, and a big Happy birthday Alchemist.

  4. John Mason

    Simply the best custard vape out there! Take my word and steep it for a full 3 months and you’ll be amazed! Make yourself enough and the odd lapse in having a tank through steeping won’t leave you short juiced. Once again, simply put, YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER CUSTARD VAPE.

  5. Rylan King

    I’m a custard connoisseur, I will not Vape anything else, The Alchemists never really appealed to me until I read a few reviews regarding this particular flavour on s few forums.
    WOW…..Better than any of booms… Better than grants… Simply the best custard I have ever tried! Can’t wait for it to gain more maturity to see how it develops further! At 4 weeks I’m blown away with the deep complexity that comes with this juice, I envisage this will become spectacular in another 4 weeks! Can’t see me buying my Custard from anywhere else from here on in!
    Alchemist… You are the custard master!

  6. t_keely

    I wasn’t sure to start with as it seemed a bit bland, but after using it for a week it quickly became my main juice for daily vaping, also its real easy to use with other flavours just a couple of drops of Capella blueberry or Sweet Tangerine transforms it completely. Would recommend this custard on its own or as a base its great

  7. Mr Weight

    My only go to custard concentrate,
    Perfect by its self or adding to anything! It’s superb and gets better with time. Give it at least a 4wk steep at 20% and you’ll be a very happy camper!

  8. Andrew Mears

    This is my all day vape and has been for a good 18 months now , I do some times mix it with a little bit of fruit but i always end up going back to the custard on it’s own it’s simply fantastic, no other custard compares for me.
    I make 1000ml bottles at a time, i do 200ml of custard and 800ml of my base and it comes out AMAZING it really is a must try if you like any sort of custards

  9. Sten

    I’ve got my whole town in Norway vaping this flavour. (ok ok we have small town of 15 people) I find a 4 steep week good, and juice becomes creamy and very flavour after this time when mixed at 20%.

  10. Billy

    I haven’t tried many other custards, after reading reviews i chose this one and was more than pleasantly surprised, Only downside might be steeping but it didn’t bother me too much. Would recommend for everyone to have. 5*

  11. Toby

    If Carlsberg did Custard vapes… it would be this one!

  12. Emma

    Deep rich sweet Vanilla Custard at is best. 10/10

  13. Alan Meeson

    I can assure you, You will NOT find a better custard than this one! Mix at 25% and steep for 6 weeks and the result is just fantastic, I’ve never tasted custard like it, its as good as eating it, honestly! 5*

  14. Ron

    The BEST Custard Vape bar none. Amazing replication of flavour.
    Moreish beyond belief & Simply Fantastic

  15. Lisa

    My go to flavour and the best Custard I’ve found. Thick and creamy ambrosia style, Its like you’ve just eaten a dollop on a spoon. 5*

  16. Oliver Flynn

    Isn’t a better custard vape anywhere. Be patient with it, takes a good 4 weeks steeping for maximum flavour.

  17. Miles

    You can not fault this company for anything, Price, service, customer service and most importantly the products, of which this is my favourite and is by far the best Custard in the world.

  18. Jack Clark

    The best online Vape store, with the best service, prices and of course the BEST vape flavouring in the UK or even world. Been vaping this for 3 years and nothing compares to the level of flavour obtained when mixing at 20%. The hard part being a 6 week steep. The rewards are the BEST liquid by a country mile. Keep up the great work and please never change this recipe.

  19. Clive

    Without doubt the greatest Custard you will ever vape. ridiculously true to flavour. Painfull 3 weeks steep but well worth it. Mix big to avoid disappointment when its running out.

  20. Ross King

    By far the best custard i have vaped.

  21. Marty P

    Without doubt this juice is perfection. Rich deep and creamy custard at its very very best. I lean towards a 4 week steep and mix at 25%, seems to work well for me.

  22. Ali

    You won’t find a better custard vape… albeit you will have to wait 4-5 weeks for the steep, totally worth it!!! 5*

  23. Chris Short

    Amazing stuff, tastes just like Ambrosia, distinctive creamy rich custard at its very best.

  24. James R

    Made up 400 mls so far of the ACS custard at 25% 50/50 PG/VG let it steep for 3 weeks and it just gets better and better ! A really lovely custard taste !!! This is just spot on!! The best I’ve made and I’ve tried most other brands and will say that this is at the top of the vapeing premier league! Such a nice taste !! Very additive!!!

  25. Simon J

    Not had a better custard vape than this, its like a fine wine, its gets better with age and totally hits the spot. 5*

  26. Rich78

    Amazing Custard Vape!
    Rich creamy custard at its very best,

  27. Jim

    I like to think of myself as a custard connoisseur, tried many over the years, lock-down brought me to The Alchemist and with this i have found one of the truest custard vape flavours and most enjoyable i have had for a long time. Interested to try the flavored ones once i’ve wound a few more bottles of sixths into me.

  28. Sean Barnes

    Outstanding quality of flavour. So enjoyable to vape 5*

  29. PC Coleman

    Smooth and creamy, all round great flavour. great vaping on its on and a great liquid to mix with others. Goes well with strawberry and other fruity liquids.

  30. Treble-Twenty

    doesn’t get any better than this. it a 180 from me!

  31. Paul

    MY ADV. I generally order when a sale is on and make a litre at a time. Full on custard flavour, really fills your mouth, its lovely and creamy, if you remember the golden rule – Leave it for 4 weeks to steep and then dive in, you wont be disappointed at all. 5*

  32. Jonathan

    Really enjoyed this custard flavoring. Was great on its own when mixed at 20%, but also very versatile when 5% of other flavours are added to the mix. Has everything i was looking for, rich creamy custard. Just wish i could find one that steeps quicker as i never leave it long enough. 5*

  33. Colin

    The daddy and my all day vape. Made the mistake of running short once, never again, takes at least 6 weeks to get to where i like it. Full bodied and deep creamy custard. 5*

  34. Luke

    Took a gamble on this based on the reviews, Patientally steeped it for 4 weeks (the hard part) resulted in possibly the finest custard vape juice i have had the pleasure of vaping, trouble is i only made 150ml and its going down quicker than i would like. So going for the big bottle this time to keep my stocks high. 5*

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