Alchemists Custard Deluxe Shot


The Alchemists Custard is Rich, Creamy & fantastically flavoursome.

Available Individually or as complete Kits in both 3mg & 6mg options – Includes VG + Nicotine Shots

Mix at 20% – Steep for 3+ weeks

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The Alchemists Custard Deluxe Shot, E-Liquid Concentrate flavouring.

We held off releasing this flavour for a long time, as everyone was bringing out their own take on the increasingly popular Vanilla Custard flavour, and we wanted to be able to offer something different and better than them all.

A lot of developing and testing of over 80 different custard concentrates, resulted in us producing a very Rich, Creamy & flavoursome Vanilla Custard flavoured E-Liquid Concentrate.

The Alchemists Custard Deluxe Shot will give true replication of flavour, but like all Custard e-liquids, it needs some love and time to steep. So please be patient and you will be rewarded.

The Alchemist’s Tip –  Mix at 20% – Steep for 3+ weeks

Mix @20% for 250ml or 500ml of Vape Liquid.

250ml – Contains 50ml of Concentrate in a 250ml Bottle.

250ml Deluxe Kit 3mg Contains 50ml of Concentrate in a 250ml Bottle + 250ml of VG + 4 x (18mg) Nicotine Shots

250ml Deluxe Kit 6mg Contains 50ml of Concentrate in a 250ml Bottle + 120ml of VG + 8 x (18mg) Nicotine Shots

500ml Contains 100ml of Concentrate in a 500ml Bottle.

500ml Deluxe Kit 3mg Contains 100ml of Concentrate in a 500ml Bottle + 500ml of VG + 8 x (18mg) Nicotine Shots

500ml Deluxe Kit 6mg Contains 100ml of Concentrate in a 500ml Bottle + 250ml of VG +16 x (18mg) Nicotine Shots

Alternatively, you can half the Nicotine inclusion, to make 1.5mg. But, remember to add back in the extra VG to ensure a complete mix.

*Deluxe Shots are Concentrated Flavourings and are NOT to be vaped without Mixing. This product is NOT ready to vape!
** A Deluxe Shot contains the correct amount of Concentrate flavouring and leaves enough room for you to MAKE either 250ml or 500ml of E-Liquid dependant on the quantity purchased.

Please read the mixing guide available here


Artificial & Natural Flavours, Mono-Propylene Glycol.


  • This is a concentrated flavouring to be mixed in a DIY E-Liquid. It is not to be vaped without diluting.

There can be noticeable colour differences between different batches of the same flavour. This is a natural result of the flavour manufacturing process.

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250ml Deluxe Shot, 250ml Deluxe Kit 3mg, 250ml Deluxe Kit 6mg, 500ml Deluxe Shot, 500ml Deluxe Kit 3mg, 500ml Deluxe Kit 6mg

16 reviews for Alchemists Custard Deluxe Shot

  1. Jack

    Liking the new bottle style format, makes things much easier. Just make it all up and forget about it for 4 weeks. Come back and you have some actual vape gold. This stuff is crazy good! 5*

  2. Tim

    Easily, the best custard bottle shot on the market. Flavour (when steeped) is on another level. So true to taste.

  3. Sean

    Mixed at 20% – steeped for 4 weeks. 50/50 – 12mg – running at 12.5w / mesh 1.OHM freemax fireluke 22 tank.
    A brilliant Vape. Loads of delicious flavour, deep creamy custard with a hint of vanilla is what I taste. I could vape this all day. It has just the right amount of sweetness for me, plenty of clouds too. It’s quite simply, incredibly moreish. 5*

  4. Bazza

    As with most of Alchemist juices, they need a bit of sweetner adding, add 1% of super sweet to this mixed at 25% and you will be left amazed at just how much it tastes like home made custard from a tin. None of this modern stuff, like proper old school custard.

  5. Tim

    The pleasurable part is vaping this fantastic flavour, the hard part is letting it steep 6 weeks to get maximum flavour. When it starts to turn golden in colour, you know you are on to a good thing.

  6. Paul Wells

    Top quality and one of the best you will get from anywhere. As with all custards they need a month or so steeping, but it is more than worth the wait, of which this is a perfect example. The depth of flavour is unreal, just like home made custard. 5*

  7. Phil

    Hands down best DIY custard there is! needs a 4 week steep, but fully steeped the flavour is fantastic. 5*

  8. Gareth

    TOP QUALITY! Takes a good 3 weeks to get going, but after this its a joy to vape. Most other custard vapes i’ve tried, have gunked my coils up badly within 60ml, i can do 250ml plus of this easily, before i even think about re-wicking. The flavour is deep, rich creamy custard, not massively sweetened like most but instead real true flavour. If you are into custard vapes this is a must try! 5*

  9. Mark

    Fantastic, so rich and creamy and full in flavour. This was based on a 4 week steep, which is just part of the deal with custards. 5*

  10. Jason

    Genuinely, after a 4 week steep, upon my first taste i said WOW to myself. Its such a full on custard flavour that delivers top quality flavour. Cant wait to try it mixed in with some other bits, cna imagine it tatses amazing with some apple pie mixed in! 5*

  11. adam

    The best custard in the business!! 5*

  12. Neil

    All round greatness, flavour is incredible even after a 2 week steep (patience isn’t my thing). This is my second order now and cant see me using another custard again. 5*

  13. Tim

    Fantastic custard vape. Needs a good 3-4 weeks steeping but this is to be expected with custards vapes, well worth the wait though. 5*

  14. Graham

    In one word – OUTSTANDING! based on a 4 week steep and mixed at 20%. 5*

  15. Steve

    Well worth the money, tried so many custards and this is up there with the best. 5*

  16. Alan

    Tried a lot of custard vapes over the years, but this by far the best i have tasted. The overall flavour is definitely an adv if this is the profile you’re after. Don’t even try it before a 4 week steep.

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