Service Update 23/11/2020

Unexpectedly, we have been forced to make some changes in relation to the way we take payments on store that we would like to explain.
Unfortunately, Pay-Pal this morning decided that our products are no longer suitable under “Pay-Pals acceptable use policy”. No warning, just immediately banned, all because we sell vaping associated products. The same products we have for the past 9 years using solely Pay-Pal and that are regulated by MRHA.
As you can imagine, it baffled us first thing on a Monday morning and there was some serious head scratching going on from The Alchemist, but he poured another coffee, filled his tank and set about getting another payment option back on store. 

No Pay-Pal – No Problem!!!! 

The short term immediate fix, to enable customers to place orders was to add Bank Transfer as a payment option, which is now live. So we are able to process orders once again.

The process is as follows –
Please checkout as normal, once you place your order, this will load through to a page with our bank details, you will also receive an email with these details. Please then make payment via Bank Transfer with Reference to your order number. We will then check and once payment has been received and cleared, we will change the status of your order to processing, for which you will receive another email, along with when we dispatch your order. 

Orders placed outside of office hours will be checked and confirmed by 9am the following morning Monday-Friday.

We are hoping within the next few days, to add World Pay to the store, we have registered and are awaiting approval, we have also been assured they have no problems work alongside Vaping associated companies, so fingers crossed within the next few days this will also be added to store. This is a card payment facility, one of the largest of its kind.  

We will also keep Bank Transfer and have already been in talks with numerous other merchants, to ensure we offer a broad selection and so this never happens again.

Finally, I would just like to add, this came into effect at 03.32am this morning,  No orders placed over the weekend were affected and they were all dispatched today. 

Hopefully that is all simple enough, but should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.
[email protected]
or by phone 01603 396906 (9am-3pm Mon-Fri)