WOTOFO Scissors Vape tool


WOTOFO Scissors Vape tool.

Wotofo introduces the vape scissors for the vapers separately from the tool kit. Vape scissors are inseparable vape accessories for many vapers. Standard quality stainless steel

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WOTOFO Scissors Vape tool.

Sharp Edges

This stainless-steel scissors for vaping with a perfect razor-sharp edge cut the vape cotton strips quickly. A finely cut cotton allows a better flavor experience to the vapers.

Blunt Tip

Blunt tip helps to carry the scissors in the pocket, or any place without any risk. It makes the cleaning also an ease. Further, it easily adjusts in the vape tool kit bags.

Big Holding Ring

A proper hold on the scissor is important for a perfect cotton cutting. The big finger rings allow the users to hold the scissor comfortably, and to make a precise cut.

Complete Stainless-steel body

The smooth stainless-steel body gives the scissor much-needed strength and durability. It is a one-time investment for users.

Wotofo Vape Scissors comes from Wotofo Tool Kit. Wotofo Vape Scissors in the kit are made with surgical scissors standard, very easy to clean. We choose super hard stainless steel for ongoing toughness, creating sharper edges. The scissors have blunt tips to be safer and finger rings are designed in a bigger size for consideration of more comfortable hold.

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