Watermelon Slices Dinner Lady Concentrate

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Watermelon Slices Dinner Lady Concentrate, Everyone will want a slice. Refreshing watermelon with a sweet and fizzy twist

Mix at 20-25% – Steep for 7 days

Watermelon Slices Dinner Lady Concentrate, Everyone will want a slice. Refreshing watermelon with a sweet and fizzy twist

Mix at 20-25% – Steep for 7 days

Dinner Lady are one of the biggest names in Vaping. Made in the UK, their ranges span from authentic tasting dessert e-liquids all the way to fruit and ice medleys, for a sweet and cool vape.

Whether you’re using a sub ohm vape kit or a smaller mouth to lung set up there’s an option for you.

As Dinner Lady are not only available as E-Liquids, They are now available in One-Shot Concentrates for the Home-Mixer.

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19 reviews for Watermelon Slices Dinner Lady Concentrate

  1. Sarah

    Just like watermelon sweets, very sweet but very flavorful and nice all the same.

  2. Miss_Beverley

    Real sweetie type watermelon flavour, not so much a fizz but more sour i find. Very very tasty and enjoyable.

  3. Andy + Mary

    Both me and the wife love this juice so much. First time mixing our own, went for 25% as i think the original is quite strong. Had some very helpful advice from TAC and went to work with mixing it up. Luckily we still has some shop bough stuff left while this done some stepping. The next day we dived in and couldn’t believe how great this tasted in comparison. You would be able to tell the difference in vaping it. Wont be buying shop-juice again. DIY all the way. Tastes the same but massively cheaper. Thanks TAC, keep up the great work. 5*

  4. Jessica

    Right up my street, just like the jelly watermelon sweets you get.

  5. Alison

    Delightful flavour, very candy esq. Love watermelon flavours and this is one of the best. 5~*

  6. Lizzie

    My favourite juice at the moment, lush watermelon flavour. 5*

  7. Pamela

    Seriously good flavour. Mixed at 15% and was more than enough flavour after a week steeping. Its quite sweet but i like this and it fits the style of the candy flavour. The watermelon is to die for. Its the best i have personally tasted. 5* all the way!

  8. Steve

    Excellent watermelon flavour, the sweet fizzy flavour makes it what it is though.5*

  9. Amy

    A great candy watermelon flavour. Mixed at 20% and was perfect. 5*

  10. Tony

    a likable sweet and juicy melon flavour.

  11. Jessica

    I really enjoyed this flavour, has a nice sweetie feel to the watermelon. Sweet but no so i ruins the flavour, it’s st right for my taste. Would happily vape this again. 5*

  12. Claire

    Been vaping this for sometime now and its really good. Always buy it from alchemist as they often have deals on. Orders arrive super quick and with full tracking. Wouldn’t order from anywhere else. 5*

  13. Gaz

    Delicious, makes a really enjoyable vape liquid. 5*

  14. Josh

    Simple yet complex flavour, simple straight-up watermelon, but the candy side is what makes it a standout flavour for me.

  15. Phillip

    Great juice, mixed at 20% it has loads of flavour. Nice and sweet, which is great for me but not my coils.

  16. Justine

    Very enjoyable vape juice (when mixed) Went with 20% and the flavour was great.

  17. Lucy

    Lovely flavour. A lot like those watermelon gummy slices covered in sugar type flavour. 5*

  18. Aashir

    Good value – Quick delivery. 5*

  19. Will

    Great juice. Just like the watermelon sweets. Also benefits from very little steepings, found its good to go the next day. 5*

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