Turkish Delight E-Liquid Short-Fill (50ml)

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Sweet Rose, Chocolate and a touch of lemon produces the wonderfully floral flavour of Turkish Delight.

The Alchemists Turkish Delight is another exact flavour replication that has been enjoyed for years and is now available is both 50/50 and 70/30 formats. Vaping this exotic E-Liquid is just like eating the real deal. Soft, Sweet, Floral notes accompanied with silky smooth Milk Chocolate.

*Shake well before use… Slight separation can occur when left to sit.

The Alchemists Short-Fill E-Liquids are presented in 60ml Gorilla style bottles, part-filled with 50ml of Nicotine Free E-Liquid, designed for the addition of Nicotine by yourself (please see table below for guidelines) or an addition of plain VG. Equating to 10ml in both instances.

When combined with VG based Nicotine (or Plain VG if you require Nicotine Free 0mg/ml) this creates the chosen final ratio of your juice as selected above. Carefully pop off the top of your E-Liquid, add your desired shot of Nicotine boosting compound, pop the caps back on and shake THOROUGHLY until you are certain the liquids are adequately mixed together (a good 5 min shake at least) it will look a little cloudy/airy after this – simply allow this to settle for an hour or so, another quick shake and it should be good to go.

*We can not supply E-Liquids with the desired Nicotine Content. This has to be sourced and added by yourself. We can not supply or advise on where to obtain High Strength (72mg/ml) Nicotine, We can only supply and recommend our compliant 18mg/ml Nicotine Shot.

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Turkish Delight – 50VG-50PG, Turkish Delight – 70VG-30PG, Turkish Delight – 50VG-50PG + 18mg/ml Nicotine- Shot, Turkish Delight – 70VG-30PG + 18mg/ml Nicotine- Shot

13 reviews for Turkish Delight E-Liquid Short-Fill (50ml)

  1. Erin (verified owner)

    Sweet floral rose notes ripple through the inhale, chocolate comes to the party on the exhale, leaving a smooth sweet rose after-taste that is just beautiful.

  2. Phillip Austin (verified owner)

    Glorious flavour, Lovely floral notes. Ideal for my pod system due to the high PG content, would like to see it in a high VG version if possible.

  3. lauracaton (verified owner)

    So this arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to taste it. It’s reeeeeally good, frys Turkish delight to a ‘T’.
    Using a clearomiser because it’s a higher pg % than I normally use in sub tanks.
    I’m full of anticipation of a Great flavour once it’s steeped a couple of weeks (that’s if I can leave it alone long enough).
    I’d really like to have this in 70% vg version so I can use it sub ohm, or a concentrate so I can make it myself.
    Either way, I’ll certainly be buying more.

  4. iain.maule (verified owner)

    Tried a small bottle to start with and immediately ordered another 200mls. Delicious! Rich rose water flavour but not too sickly with slight chocolate exhale.
    This is my new all day vape.

  5. Paul T

    I love real Turkish Delight.SO had to try this as a vapour. After leaving to steep for 6 days,I decided to try,and wow this is so nice.it actually tastes just like the real thing. A nice throat hit of rose water with the undertones of chocolate.

  6. Max

    Ordered a sample as I wasnt sure about this flavour. I actually ate a bar of turkish delight about two hours before vaping this flavour…I was blown away by the similarities. Thoroughly enjoying it, if you love turkish delight you won’t be disappointed with this ejuice.

  7. Karen

    Left to steep for about a week ( what a good girl) and took a sniff, a light fruitiness, rose water? delicious Popped it in the mini nova and here is the surprise (I think I have been missing out on Turkish delight all these years), to me this tasted of rose water, a hint of chocolate and a light fruitiness, I really enjoyed this, as well as the taste I could smell it in the air, not a lot of throat hit but I think lots would have spoilt it as it is so light, a good amount of vapour I like

  8. Darth Vaper

    It’s not the famous bar, it’s the real thing! I am absolutely blown away by the authenticity of this liquid; I swear I can even taste the powder! Why this isn’t one of the most talked about juices among vapers is beyond me! In my opinion the AC should change the above image to that of the real mccoy, and be proud to have so accurately replicated such a delicious and complex flavour. Just bloomin’ fab! (steeped for 3 weeks)

  9. Gav

    This has quite easily become one of my all time best vapes… the only problem is it’s so moreish that I’ve somewhat been chain vaping the stuff. I found it nice after a couple of days (smelt so good I couldn’t wait!) but it does improve greatly after steeping… rosy, chocolate-ey goodness.

  10. Ryan Hogg

    suttle and smooth taste it is actually quite nice, I rate 4/5… I’m going to leave it to steep for a couple of days and see if the flavour matures a bit more…

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