TFA Vanilla Cupcake Flavor


TFA Vanilla Cupcake Flavor is one of the more popular flavors in the market. The flavor is very rich and creamy, just like freshly baked cupcakes from your favorite bakery. This will be an excellent addition to any DIY e-liquid project!

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Are you a fan of TFA Vanilla Cupcake Flavor? Do you go out of your way to buy this flavor every time you visit the vape shop, grocery store, or convenience store? Never fear – now who can conveniently order any of our tasty concentrates online. Our e-liquid flavors are made using only FDA-approved ingredients for food industry use and so there is no reason not to trust these delicious varieties. Buy with confidence knowing that we’re adding just the right amount of potency to each one.

TFA Vanilla Cupcake Flavor for making vape juices at home

If you’re a cupcake enthusiast, this flavor will make your day. This is one of our most popular flavors and is great as an all-day vape. With this clean vanilla taste, you can’t go wrong!
“Freshly baked for the masses. If there is anything that doesn’t have to be refrigerated or microwaved to reach that sweet spot, it’s cupcakes.”

Our TFA Vanilla Cupcake flavor is a dessert vape juice par excellence, coming with all the rich notes of sweet icing and chocolate. A satisfying conclusion to an epic meal or as an indulging after dinner treat for those who want something sweet with their tobacco vape juice.

Nothing smells better than the alluring fragrance of baking cupcakes. The Vanilla Cupcake Flavor – created by our TFA flavor experts with the highest quality ingredients for a natural taste and aroma that reminds you just what it feels like to enjoy this treat anytime you want. With our larger size bottles, now there’s even more room for creativity as each bottle can be turned into any number of your favorite mixes including bakery flavors such as Yellow Cake or Almond Joy! That’s not all – this high-grade flavor also blends incredible in e-liquid recipes, produces wonderful smoke when mixed with other tobaccos, and is perfect on its own over ice cream too.


Water Soluble.

A tropical blend of delicious juices.

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial flavors, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol.

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