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TFA Smooth Flavour Concentrate Flavouring for those who have a passion for vaping, smoke, aromas and recipes. TFA offers high-quality flavours as well as the best liquids on the vape market.

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TFA Smooth Flavour Concentrate is a multipurpose flavouring that can be used in various situations, recipes or drink mixes. It can be mixed into any liquid for flavour with just an essential oil mixer! Take the next step to your favourite vape juice with TFA Smooth Flavours

TFA Smooth Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is a multipurpose

TFA Smooth Flavours is a concentrated mix containing specifically selected citrus and white base flavours. This flavour concentrate will come in handy for any vaper or e-liquid maker who may be looking to create some interesting recipes or new smoke! this flavour concentrate will make smooth and mouthwatering flavours that surprisingly last long on the tongue and smoothly drip down your throat without giving any burning sensation. The smoke delivered by these TFA Flavour Concentrates has a genuine feel of sweet smoke – not like the sticky tar you see from other kinds of cigarettes – but more like an impalpable sense as if it’s wafting through your nostrils as vapour. For anyone wanting to recreate specific food

If you are a vape juice maker, then TFA Smooth Flavour Concentrate is here for you. With the market now saturated with available flavours to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones will work best. The names may all sound appealing but what if they don’t mix well? Luckily, this is where our flavour concentrates come in handy – they give creators an opportunity to try out new combinations without breaking bank or time restraints. This means that not only do flavour concentrate mixing requires fewer materials and time than other recipes- it also takes up significantly less space on your kitchen countertops!

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