Sherbet Lemons E-Liquid

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Sherbet Lemons E-Liquid. A blend of tart lemonade with a hint of sherbert flavor! Perfect for spring and summer outings. Get ready to do the twist, the frug, or just plain chill out as you celebrate this happy time of year by vaping on some Sherbet Lemons.

Another of our “Exact Flavour Replications” Sherbet Lemons E-Liquid.

Once again, The Alchemist challenges you not to be whisked back to your childhood when vaping this Sherbet Lemon flavoured e-juice.

This is definitely one for serious sweetie lovers, who enjoy a bold sweet / sharp vape. The predominant flavour of sharp but sweet Lemon on the intake remains in the mouth and on the exhale, giving a vape that is flavour perfect!

If you like the sweets, you will love this flavour. This could be an easy all day vape for Lemon Lovers, for others a refreshing change.

A perfect 50PG/50VG E-Liquid, giving immense flavour, another treat from the Alchemist that’s not to be missed.

Try this and some of our other retro sweetie flavours, and take a trip down memory lane!

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1 review for Sherbet Lemons E-Liquid

  1. James

    I’ve had this juice for a few weeks, on first opening it wasn’t anything like sherbet, just lemon. It’s been steeping ever since and its now near perfect. For a 50/50, it produces a lot of vapour, especially once running at around 5.2v, this setting also brings out the sweetness and slight sourness you’d expect from the sweet it replicates. Overall, a very good juice. Very cleansing on the palate and may become my All Day Vape if I can distance myself from The Alchemists XXX Soft Mints or Cola Cubes for any length of time!

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