Rosy Apples Short-fill E-Liquid (50ml)

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Rosy Apples E-Liquid is a flavour match for the sweet shop flavour just like the hard boiled Rosy Apple sweets… the small green, red and yellow hard candy balls with an Apple fruity flavour.

Described by our testers as very moreish, Sweet & Juicy with a little underlying tang giving lots of flavour… This E-Liquid is made with pure natural essences, and really is a delicious taste of autumns best fruits made into a sweet type E-Liquid.

A light but rich, fruity all day vape, that we are sure will quickly become one of our best sellers… When we put it out for test everyone said “WOW”, why don’t you give it a try and see why!

Available in both 70VG/30PG or  50PG/50VG E-Liquid, that produces lots of vapour and lots of apple flavour that remains in the mouth after the exhale.

The Alchemist can honestly say this can easily be an “all day vape”… as he vaped it constantly for 10 days towards the end of the testing period (and still sometimes has it as a daily vape now)

Rosy Apples E-Liquid is also available as a DIY Deluxe Concentrate

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The Alchemists Short-Fill E-Liquids are presented in 60ml Gorilla style bottles, part-filled with 50ml of Nicotine Free E-Liquid, designed for the addition of Nicotine by yourself (please see table below for guidelines) or an addition of plain VG. Equating to 10ml in both instances.

When combined with VG based Nicotine (or Plain VG if you require Nicotine Free 0mg/ml) this creates the chosen final ratio of your juice as selected above. Carefully pop off the top of your E-Liquid, add your desired shot of Nicotine boosting compound, pop the caps back on and shake THOROUGHLY until you are certain the liquids are adequately mixed together (a good 5 min shake at least) it will look a little cloudy/airy after this – simply allow this to settle for an hour or so, another quick shake and it should be good to go.

*We can not supply E-Liquids with the desired Nicotine Content. This has to be sourced and added by yourself. We can not supply or advise on where to obtain High Strength (72mg/ml) Nicotine, We can only supply and recommend our compliant 18mg/ml Nicotine Shot.

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Rosy Apples – 50VG-50PG, Rosy Apples – 70VG-30PG, Rosy Apples – 50VG-50PG + 18mg/ml Nicotine- Shot, Rosy Apples – 70VG-30PG + 18mg/ml Nicotine- Shot

56 reviews for Rosy Apples Short-fill E-Liquid (50ml)

  1. George Scobie

    Thought I would give The Alchemist a try after reading review’s, and I wasn’t disappointed. having wasted money on other liquids promising greatness, from other sellers, I have at last found one that not only tastes as described it takes you back to sweetie shop times. taste is sweetish but not sickly (based on 0.06) and only giving it 24 hours steep, I just had to try it. it can only get better with age. And the service I received was first class via email. ordered on 1st may delivered 4th may. I could not ask for better. TRY THIS you wont be disappointed.

  2. Martin

    So i’ve had 6 different flavours and 250ml from these guys. Apart from the rhubarb crumble and custard this is the best. Ordered 50ml fist then another 60ml. All day vape, great taste, great vape. Highly recommend this to anyone. One of the best liquids i’ve ever had

  3. Davina Johnstone

    Quality in every aspect. Just like the sweets of old. A real sweet shop flavour and one to savour.

  4. Hannah

    Such a delightful flavour, tried a few from the Alchemist and I haven’t been disappointed with any of them, but I have now found my all day vape in this flavour. Just the right balance of apple and strawberry with a touch of sweetness. They really are as described, juts like the sweets from my youth. Amazing liquid that I cant recommend highly enough. x

  5. Darren

    The BEST Apple vape. Actually tastes like you’re eating an apple. Most apple flavours are very false and sweety-fied. This is incredibly true to taste, the subtle addition of strawberry is very nice also, but its the apple that standout for me. Top Quality!

  6. Adam Stein

    Fantastic flavour. Most delicious apple vape i have come across.

  7. Michelle1234

    A nice, full bodied flavour, not too sweet, but very very flavoursome.

  8. Vinny_DUB

    Bloody tasty stuff this is. Good clouds and great on coils. Lots of flavour, the apple is very fresh and juicy, not false tasting. 5*

  9. Adam

    Thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish. Very very flavorsome.

  10. Louise

    Excellent quality vape juice, One of the nicest Apple flavours i have had, the subtle strawberry side really compliments the apple.

  11. Wayne

    Its a hard job finding a good Apple flavoured e-liquid, tried 100’s over the years, wasn’t until someone recommended the Alchemist that i found what i was looking for. A fresh Apple flavour, not over sweetened that is just like biting into an Juicy Apple. This juice perfects that to a tee for me.

  12. Vicky Harper

    Very very enjoyable vape liquid. Interested to try more from this company after being recommended by a friend. Very happy customer.

  13. Helen Leonard

    Lovely stuff, enjoyed every last drop of this vape juice (first time customer) back for more and just hoping they can get it to me for Christmas.

  14. Gemma

    Take my money…. Hands down the best Apple flavoured Vape there is. Tastes like you literally picked it off the tree.

  15. Elvis Holmes

    Great product will definitely purchase again.
    I’ve used you a few times now and every time I am impressed by the quality of product and the quickness of service. Recommended definitely.

  16. Kayleigh

    I get one of these with every order and it never fails. A number of my friends have asked me where I got the flavour from (they say it’s the best apple flavour they’ve tasted) and I always recommend to visit The Alchemists Cupboard, My only vape supplier.

  17. Denise

    Excellent vape liquid.

  18. Lisa

    I used to vape nothing but this, returned for a bottle after my local shop closed and i’d forgot just how good it is. A wonderful Apple flavour with a hint of strawberry. Not over sweetened, great on your coils. just as great now, as it was 3-4 years ago. Interested to try some of the newer flavours these guys do, if its half as good as this, i may just go back to online shopping after all this has passed.

  19. Grace

    Brilliant vape liquid. First time using this company and highly impressed with both quality of product and service. 5*

  20. Daniel

    Lovely apple taste, very fruity & refreshingly fresh in flavour 5*

  21. Rob

    Outstanding Apple vape liquid. Speedy service, arrived the next day, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since, 6 days and getting to the end of the bottle, so back for some more.

  22. James

    Vapes really well, good cloud and lush flavour. First time ordering and very happy with all aspects of the sale. 5*

  23. Sam Franklin

    Tastes so much different to any other Apple vape i have had before. More like a red apple, naturally sweet not over sweet like alot of juices in shops. Vapes really well, clean crisp flavour, great vapor production on the 70/30 version, really thick vapor that leaves a delicious aroma around the home. 5*

  24. Jamie

    First order with these guys, very happy with the vape liquid i received.

  25. William Lowe

    you get alot of flavour, which is very smooth. very happy first time customer

  26. John

    Very good quality with a great taste.

  27. Nicola Neal

    Like a juicy fresh apple with a hint of Strawberry. Very good vapor production, clean coils and speedy service. All boxes ticked for a first order, i have a feeling it wont be anywhere near my last.

  28. Billy

    My go to vape juice. Big bold taste of fresh apple and strawberry mixed. 5*

  29. Sophie

    Lovely flavour, very refreshing mix of mostly apple with a hint of strawberry. Very easy to vape and a flavour i just don’t tire of. 5*

  30. Mark

    One of my all time greats, been a customer for a fair few years and the quality of product and service is the same as day one, outstanding!

  31. Heather

    Delivered on time, liquid is quality and very helpful customer service when encountering problems with pay-pal. 5*

  32. Jennie

    Fabulous. great natural fresh flavour. 5*

  33. Joanne

    Brilliant flavour, enjoyed it very much, enough to order some more. 5*

  34. Pamela

    Great red apple type flavour with a hint of strawberry. Very nice flavour that i would buy again. 5*

  35. Josh

    So happy i have found a decent 50-50 liquid. Hard to come by these days, Was my first order, enjoyed the flavour a lot, looking forward to trying more now i know they’re legit and of good quality.

  36. Emma

    A truly wonderful flavor. 5*

  37. simon

    A divine apple flavoured vape liquid. First time buying and would buy again

  38. Umar

    The only liquid i have used since finding it over 2 years ago. Beautiful natural apple taste.

  39. Nicholas

    Back on the vape and back on the rosy apples. Still as good today, as it was when i first started vaping in 2013.

  40. Deb’s

    Outstanding flavour, like a proper apple and not a candy apple like most. Really clean crisp flavour and plenty of smooth vapour production on the 70/30. Ran through the coils well with no sign of discoloring after a whole bottle. Top quality juice from a top quality establishment!

  41. Kerry

    Fantastic tasting vape liquid. First time ordering and very impressed with the liquid and service.

  42. Thomas

    Brilliant as always, a fantastic vape liquid anytime of the day.

  43. Richard

    You wont find a better Apple flavoured vape liquid than this. Top quality flavour. 5*

  44. Phil

    Perfection!! Clean crisp flavour and vapor. 5*

  45. Amy

    First time ordering from here, bought on a whim but couldn’t be happier. Knocks the socks of where i was previously buying my juice. Looking forward to trying more. 5*

  46. Jonny

    First class vape juice. 5*

  47. Viv

    Flavour is perfect. Nice combo of Apple and Strawberry. 5* Vape juice.

  48. Tara E

    This vape, it is oh so very tasty. enjoyed every last drop i could squeeze from the bottle. 5*

  49. Jake

    Proper nice flavour, would recommend! Fast delivery and easy to use the website. Will return again for all my orders.

  50. Tom

    Top notch vape liquid. Order arrived very quickly and well packaged. 5*

  51. Rosie

    Very tasty. Enjoyed it a lot and back for more. 5*

  52. Victoria

    Great taste and good value. 5*

  53. Mandy

    One of the best vape liquids i have had. Fantastic flavour and very very smooth!

  54. Tania

    Fantastic vape juice which gives so much flavour. Its delicious and up there as one of the best apple flavoured vape juices i’ve tried. 5*

  55. Rosie

    Been using this for years and couldn’t/wouldn’t vape anything else if you paid me. 5*

  56. Louise

    A top quality vape juice that is not only fantastic in flavour, it is smooth and my coils last for ages. 5*

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