Riot Squad – Citrus Got Real Concentrate

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Citrus Got Real Concentrate by Riot Squad combines a base of fizzy soda with a twist of zesty lime and a hint of citrus lemon. As the name suggests, this hip citrus vape juice is your new favorite. With incredible flavor and a hint of energy to get you through the day, it’s no question why this flavorful concoction will be popular among friends.

Percentage: 20%
Steep Time: 1-3 days
Volume: 30ml
Final Volume (e-Liquid): 150ml

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Take your taste buds to the next level with our Citrus Got Real Concentrate. Riot Squad is the best e-juice made in America that comes in three different mouthwatering flavors: sweet, tropical, and tangy. Our liquids are designed for use with vaping devices, meaning you can enjoy your favorite scents without all the mess of traditional smoking methods. Plus, they come ready-to-use so no need for complicated DIY recipes or dubious ingredients! Choose single flavor or mix them together to suit any mood!
Riot squad – Citrus Got Real Concentrate got real was designed exclusively by an expert team of industry professionals who were masters at their craft. We knew what it takes to make a truly great product when we saw one.

Citrus Got Real Concentrate one of the most popular e-juices on the market and one of our favorite flavours. We love this juice for its creativity and authentic flavour: it’s like a mixed drink. The deep, fresh grapefruit is layered with freshly squeezed orange and lemon to create a perfect balance of tart and sweet; we never stop coming back for more!
Vape flavours continue to grow as more people find some time in their day to enjoy them as an alternative smoking flavor. For those who know vaping benefits, Citrus Got Real Concentrate has been created to be always available at your fingertips without waiting another order or running out during those cold winter months/summer days when colds are caught regularly by many palettes. Additionally,

Percentage: 20%
Steep Time: 1-3 days
Volume: 30ml
Final Volume (e-Liquid): 150ml

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15 reviews for Riot Squad – Citrus Got Real Concentrate

  1. Dan Morgan

    Very good flavour, Full on sweet but… No bad aftertaste. Very refreshing, Love it

  2. Nicole

    Good juice, nice crisp lemon/lime flavour, nice an zesty and sweet.

  3. Karen

    Taste Sensation My favourite juice of all time highly recommended. So cool and smooth, no nasty taste on your throat!

  4. Adam

    Amazing citrus-fruity taste. My favourite so far. All I’m using right now and still not bored of it.

  5. Ryan

    Amazing. The flavour is second to none, feels like a lemon and lime bursting in my mouth. Great value for money as well. 5*

  6. James

    Very sweet, but very nice. A proper lemon lime drink style flavour.

  7. Pauline

    Really does taste like a lemon lime juice, Very good flavour.

  8. James

    Excellent, mixed at 15% and the flavour was lush. Very lemon & lime esq. 5*

  9. Ricky

    For me its the best Lemon Lime concentrate there is. 5*

  10. Steve Howick

    Brilliant flavour, full on lemon and lime. Only downside, coils were done in 4-5 days. worth it for the flavour though.

  11. Tommy

    One of the best lemon and lime flavours there is. mixed at 15%, Quick shake and full on sweet lemon and lime flavour from the get-go.

  12. Julie

    Very good – a real taste of lemon lime.

  13. Raz

    Best lemon and lime DIY one shot there is. Sweet and very fruity.

  14. Ali

    The best lemon and lime flavour i have found.

  15. Danny Parker

    Very tasty lemon lime flavour. Shake and vape!

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