Riff Raff – Coffee Cheesecake

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You launder your lab coat and grab a fresh one from the supply closet. For this experiment you’ve chosen to use something new: strictly coffee and cheesecake, distilled and vaped with precision.

21% Mix | 3 Weeks Steep

Riff Raff – Coffee Cheesecake ‘One-Shot’ E-Liquid Concentrates are the latest line of exemplary flavours from The Alchemist Cupboard.  Normally, you would refrain from association with any Riff Raff, but not these, we are changing the perception of Riff Raff with 10 wonderfully crafted flavourings that will capture and enlighten your taste buds like never before.

Riff Raff One-Shot’s are specially formulated flavour concentrates, designed to create and deliver a complete E-Liquid flavouring solution in one simple shot. From sweet shop classics to uniquely crafted desserts, along with refreshing drinks, Riff Raff has something for everyone.

Made using only the finest ingredients, sourced from all across the globe . Each flavour comes with a specific individual mixing percentage, which is what The Alchemist determines as the best possible mix ratio after a long and enjoyable development period.

Available now in 30ml bottles.

21% Mix | 3 Weeks Steep

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6 reviews for Riff Raff – Coffee Cheesecake

  1. Donald (verified owner)

    Absolutely divine.

  2. DOGLYFE1 (verified owner)

    A double winner in that its the BEST coffee vape i have had + the BEST cheesecake vape by a mile. Which in turn makes this a legendary flavour. Just cant put it down, so much so i’m worried i will run out, so back to stock up and make a big batch to eliminate my worry.

  3. Natalie84 (verified owner)

    This juice is so scrumptious. Very delicate cheesecake with a lovely smooth sweet coffee flavour on the exhale.

  4. Simon

    My favourite Riff Raff. A very delicate coffee twist to a fantastic real Cheesecake vape. Mixed at 20%, i then allowed this to steep for 3 weeks before devouring the whole bottle (150ml) in 7 days. Back to make up a bigger batch that will hopefully last me a tad longer.

  5. Amy Marshall

    Beautiful, taste’s so perfect. Prominent Cheesecake with a subtle but delightful creamy coffee caramel twist. A lovely after-dinner vape.

  6. Ross

    If this were a real dessert… I would eat the whole thing. A delicious vape.

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