TFA Raspberry Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring

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TFA Raspberry Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring is flavour extraction. Using high quality ingredients and a long-established process we offer one of the greatest experiences in niche flavours.

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TFA Raspberry Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring is a product of the Flavour Apprentice. A fruity, sweet flavour that makes it perfect for dessert vapes and aromas. It’s also used in E-liquid recipes, foods recipes, flavours – you name it! You can use this versatile concentrate to make anything more astounding without having to spend hours upon hours making your own special blend!
The Flavour Apprentice has been around since 1994 making quality products with no artificial colours or flavours. With so many different options available at any time, there’s bound to be one for everyone!

The Best TFA Raspberry Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring & DIY Recipes

If you are looking for the best quality raspberry flavouring, look no further than TFA Raspberry Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring. It has all of the qualities that one could hope for in a raspberry concentrate flavour, but none of the artificial or chemical flavours that one may find with other products. When adding this flavoring to your DIY vape juice recipes or food recipes, your creations will have natural integrity and character unmatched by any other product on the market today.
The makers of TFA Raspberry Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring take their time guaranteeing high-quality ingredients and preparations to third parties, wholesalers, distributors, retailers – everyone! You can be sure that when you buy this product from us, it will work perfectly

go ahead and take your taste buds out of the game. Be creative, be daring. Get TFA Raspberry Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring to get that perfect taste for whatever you’re creating.
We know, we know – it’s well known in the industry about how much the best raspberry flavours are preferred by anyone who has a love affair with vape juices or is always adding new ingredients to their recipes when cooking up delicious foods! And forget about what goes in between – if you don’t have this product on hand then there’s no chance that it’ll ever be satisfactory enough because all these other options start off amazing but end up tasting like dust in comparison! Well, thanks for catching on quick, friend! Welcome to our family where any combination

Water soluble.

We were asked to provide a raspberry candy Flavour, and this is it!

Please try the smallest size first, this is one of those Flavours that some people like, and some really don’t!

Ingredients: Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol.

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  1. Pete Stocks (verified owner)

    The best raspberry flavouring there is for making E-Liquids. Brings a good hit of raspberry to any thing and knock the socks of Capellas version. For me it works in both fruit type flavours where it is the dominant flavour, along with dessert style flavours, where it perks up custards and creams brilliantly. I am sure, TFA being an american company, this would be the main ingredient in most of the USA vape juices that are Raspberry flavoured, that i spent huge amounts of money on in the early days of vaping, before i found DIY.

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