One Hit Wonder – The Man Concentrate


One Hit Wonder E liquid – The Man Concentrate is the ultimate in man juice. Featuring a sweet pineapple with slight hints of apple and mixed into lovely wine, this vape has all you need to leave any woman drooling behind

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One Hit Wonder E liquid – The Man Concentrate is a delectable blend of strawberry fruit and milk cream. Enjoy a silky smooth strawberry inhale with a subtle, sweet milky exhale. It’s like a delicious spoonful of fresh cream topped with sugar-sprinkled strawberries.

One Hit Wonder is the new guy on the block for cutting-edge living, with a gorgeous 5mL bottle of premium ejuice to get you through your day. All their flavors are made in California which promise to shatter expectations by providing some of the best vape tastes ever created. With minimal ingredients and maximum flavor, One Hit Wonder guarantees an exhilerated vaping experience never before experienced.

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12 reviews for One Hit Wonder – The Man Concentrate

  1. Aaron

    Every bit as good as the old style 120ml american import bottles. Mixed at 20% and left to sit for 3 weeks. on first puff it was like going back to my first days of vaping all over again.

  2. Nathan

    The Original and best Strawberry Milkshake vape. 5*

  3. Mike

    Been trying a while to prefect a Strawberry Milkshake type vape juice from scratch, while i thought i was doing ok, i purchased this for a comparison more than anything as i was really happy with my juice, turns out i’m miles off, puts my version to shame. Big bold flavour, loads sweeter but generally much much nicer. Probably going to give up and just use this from now on in. 5*

  4. Curtis Gibson

    Just like the original when mixed at 22.5%. Without doubt the best version of Strawberry Milkshake know to Vapers!!!

  5. Scott

    Been a good 4 or 5 years since i last had this. It used to be an ADV to me for around 6+ months. So when i see that its now available as a One-Shot, i just had to take a trip down memory lane. Still one of the best Strawberry Milkshakes flavours ever made. 5*

  6. Nina

    Love this vape, an awesome Strawberry Milkshake flavour.

  7. Marty Goodwin

    Definitely taste’s like a good strawberry milkshake
    Highly recommend.

  8. Geoff

    Easily beats every other Strawberry Milkshake type juice i have tried to mix myself. Exactly what i was looking for, in the sense that it is a nesquick type flavour and not a fresh milkshake. 5*

  9. Jack

    First class strawberry milkshake vape liquid. Took a week or so to get the full flavour, then i was puffing like a steam train. The flavour was so good.

  10. Louis Goddard

    Very nice but simple strawberry milkshake flavour.

  11. John

    Easily the best strawberry milkshake vape in the industry. Quality flavour. 5*

  12. Pitzy777

    Only recently got into DIY, was delighted to see this available, as it used to be my ADV a few years back. Mixed it up (20%-70/30 -3mg) and let it steep (3 weeks) The results were amazing, i fell in love with it all over again, easily the best ever ‘strawberry milkshake vape juice’ that has been made. 5*

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