Nicker Stack shot


Invented by a vape enthusiast, the Nicker Stack shot for Vape Juices is delicious and offers you many different flavors. With so many users these days, it’s no wonder why vaping is becoming more popular. Happy vaping!


Nicker Stack Shot is a traditional blend of flavor that gives off a full range of rich, delicious flavors. Aromas from this vape juice make you feel as if you are sitting at the family’s table for Sunday dinner. This multipurpose e-juice has been designed with versatility in mind and can be utilized according to your specific needs.

Smoking can be hard on both your lungs and pocketbook. That’s where Nicker Stack shot vape juices come in! Its line of 100% all-natural e-juices, cuts down on the time you spend inhaling smoke and lets you focus more on spending time with friends instead. The perfect gift for smokers curios about quitting, each bottle is packed with flavor to keep your tastebuds guessing, and smooth vapor production fill up quickly making it a favorite among vapers around the world.

Nicker Stack Shot for Multipurpose


Nicker Stack shot is Money Shot ‘Stack Shots’ have been uniquely crafted and formulated for the home brewer, to create a deliciously perfect e-liquid to the levels of the professionals, for just a fraction of the cost.

Our complex ‘Stack-Shots’ are designed for usage between 20-25% (Subjective to preferential levels of taste). Each bottle has full step by step directions of usage on the reverse and its simply down to how much flavour you like from your vape…as to which mix ratio you choose. 20% is considered standard and most vapers will find this more than flavoursome enough, but for the ‘flavour junkies’ or vapers that struggle with flavour, 25% is advised.

The idea behind Bottle Shots is ease of use, each 500ml bottle comes part-filled with 100ml of concentrate, leaving more than enough room for you top up with your preferred PG VG or base mix. All bottle shots are designed on a 70vg – 30pg  Ratio. Once all elements are added together, simply ‘shake it like it’s hot’ and leave to steep for the advised period of time.

All flavours are Mono-Propylene Glycol (PG) based and are originally designed and suited for use in the genetic make-up of E-liquids.

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250ml Stack Shot, 500ml Stack Shot

13 reviews for Nicker Stack shot

  1. Liam Crane

    This flavour is just incredible. Only steeped it for a day as I couldn’t resist the smell any longer, 7 days later I’m nearly out, That good!! Might buy two this time so I can steep one as advised but I honestly believe it cant get any better.

  2. Amanda

    The best!
    Great value, great service and an absolute belter of a flavour. So fruity and cool, its just heaven in a vape.

  3. Alex1990Kid

    Pure cool, juicy fruitiness. i love this flavour, can not wait for the summer to come, i can imagine this flavour being the boss in the hot weather.

  4. Andy!

    I have been loving this juice, flavour is on point. Gutted its nearly out, so back for some more.

  5. Michael G

    A incredibly nice summer-time flavour. Very refreshing, fruity and cool.

  6. Al

    Don’t often use The Alchemists but had seen a couple of online reviews for this flavour so thought i would try it out.
    Much to my surprisement, its a bloody awesome liquid, really flavorsome and juicy fruity flavour with no detection of lots of sweeteners and just the right amount of cooling. Really is a faultless liquid. 5*

  7. Steve

    Wher have you been my WHOLE vaping life!!
    Best bottle shot i have had by far. Couldn’t believe the level of flavour it gives off. Arrived the next day well packaged and all for a great price. Wont be returning to the dark side anymore… you guys are my new go to vendor for bottle shots. 5*

  8. Karen

    A lovely fruity, juicy, full of flavour pineapple bottle shot. One of the nicest i’ve had from anywhere. 5*

  9. Diane Hamilton

    Fantastic tropical pineapple flavour, which if you close your eyes… tastes like you are on holiday. 5*

  10. Dean

    Juicy and refreshing pineapple flavour, would buy again.

  11. Stefan

    I order this product one time a month, 2 bottles. Arrives very prompt to me in Germany, usually only 4-5 days before it arrives even after brexit. My favorite kind of vape, a big fan for a long time, but we can no longer get this here in DE. No problem as i can order direct happily.

  12. Jeff

    Really great tasting flavour and exceptional value. 5*

  13. Thomas

    Tried others from various suppliers, but i always return to this beautifully crisp refreshing liquid. 5*

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